Events include follow-ups, face-to-face meetings, and site visits.

An event once created can be cancelled or modified, and the agent app offers a seamless and lucid way for creating and managing each event.

What you'll learn in this article - 

    1. Types of events,

    2. Where in the app can events be scheduled,

    3. Event reminders,

    4. Updating events.

Types of events - 

  • Follow-Ups: A phone call to the lead. The phone conversation is recorded and saved based on the phone's capabilities.
  • F2F: Face-to-face meetings with the lead can be held at the sales office, at a different location, or at the site itself (in which case, it would be best to categorize this as a site visit).
  • SV: A site visit - involves the prospective buyer visiting the property prior to making a decision. There may be multiple site visits involved before a lead decides to go ahead with securing the property.

Where in the app can events be scheduled - 

The event scheduling screen - 

You can get here from different parts of the agent app, and we'll look at them all, but the end screen for scheduling events would be this:

Here, you'll find the option to create a Follow Up, Face to Face, or a site visit.

Client name: As you begin typing, a drop down list of leads that match the text would appear. You cannot schedule an event for a lead not present in the app. (Note: This option is only visible when scheduling the event from the Home Screen, or the in-app Calendar - where the event is not yet associated with a specific lead).

Date and time of follow up: Select a future date and time for the event.

Destination: This option is only visible when scheduling a face to face or a site visit. Once you begin typing the location, all related locations registered on Google maps would show in the drop down list, from which one will need to be selected.

Scheduling from the Home Page Interface - 

There are three ways of scheduling events from the home page interface: 

1. The Schedule Now button on the top of the Home page.

2. From the "Outdated Eventssection.

3. From the Ignored Leads section - 

Scheduling from other Buckets - 

You can view the event scheduling screen by clicking on the Calendar icon for the lead in any of the buckets (except Failed, in which case you'll first have to Recover the lead).

Scheduling from the in-app calendar -  

Clicking on the '+' symbol on the in-app calendar also takes you to the event creation screen.

Event reminders - 

When scheduling an event, it's possible to either use the default time for a notification reminder or modify it.


Updating Events - - 

Update events from the in-app calendar. 

Update future Events -  

Update outdaed Events -