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Events include follow-ups, face-to-face meetings, and site visits. An event once created can be cancelled , rescheduled or marked done. The Sales app offers a seamless and easy way for creating and managing each event.

    1. Types of events

    2. Scheduling events

    3. Event reminders

    4. Updating events.


Types of events


Follow-Ups: A reminder to call the customer and follow up with the last conversation. Follow-ups are marked done when an attempt is made to call the customer.

F2F: Face-to-face meetings with the customer which can be held at the sales office, at a different location other than the project site (in which case, it would be categorized as a site visit).

SV: A site visit - involves the customer visiting the project site prior to making a decision. There may be multiple site visits involved before a customer decides to go ahead with booking the property.

Scheduling events

Events can be scheduled from different places in the Sales app. There are three ways of scheduling events from the home page interface: 

  1. The Schedule Now button on the top of the Home page - Incase no events are scheduled for the current day, events can also be scheduled from the home page. Click on "Schedule Now" to schedule any of the events.

  2. Scheduling from lead card in buckets - Events can be booked from the calendar button on a lead card. Lead could be present in any of the buckets.   
  3. Scheduling from in-app calendar - New events can be created from within the calendar as well.


Scheduling events

Once, click on schedule event, it gives you options to schedule any of the three events, follow up, face to face meeting and site visit.

Following details need to be entered for scheduling an event.

Client name: Search for the client for which event needs to be scheduled. If you are scheduling event using the calendar button on lead card (2nd point above), the client name will be prepopulated.

Date and time of follow up: Select appropriate date and time for the event. Note that event cannot be scheduled in the past.

Note: Other details like destination, duration of the event and reminder time can also be specified.

Updating events

Update events from the in-app calendar. Events can either be marked as done, rescheduled or cancelled.

Mark done: Follow ups, face to face meetings and site visits are marked done differently.

  • Follow up: A follow up can be marked done anytime on the same day of the event. It is only marked done, when an attempt to call the lead is made.
  • Face to face and site visits: These can be marked only when the scheduled time of the event has crossed.

Reschedule: All the events can be rescheduled to another time.

Cancel: All the events can be cancelled.

Note: Past follow-ups cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.

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