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1. Phone notifications

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1. Phone Notifications


Reminders for future events show alongside other phone notifications.

When creating the event, you'll have the option to decide how many minutes before the event do you want the notification to appear. 

If you've enabled overlay permissions, the notifications would show above any other app that me running on the mobile device.

Ongoing event:

Notification for any ongoing event - follow-up (shows as FU), Face to Face (shows as FF), and Site Visit (shows as SV).

Completed events:

Once an event is complete, a notification would appear prompting the agent to update the event so it doesn't show as outdated.

As a best practice, it's always good to update an event as soon as it is complete.

2. In-app notifications

To view in-app notifications, tap on the bell icon on the panel on the lower side of the agent app.

Idle leads:

These notifications indicate the number of leads on who there hasn't been any activity for the last 24 hours, and no future events are scheduled as well.

Outdated events:

This indicates the number of leads who have events in the past that haven't been updated.

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