Call masking ensures call recording, lead interested in multiple projects managed smartly. Read the content below for more info.

What we have this time for you?

1.  Smarter lead management: When the same customer is interested in multiple projects.

2. Call Masking with 100% call recording and call logs.

Smarter lead management

With this new feature, we brought the capability to track all the inquiries coming from the same client for any project of the same developer. The system smartly checks the status of the leads and based on that auto assigns the lead to the same agent. This smart auto allocation of the leads ensures better correspondence and time-effectiveness by utilizing existing customer connections.

How it works: 

A developer has 2 or more active projects. The client inquires about 'Project A' and he is in touch with one of the agents. Now if the client inquires about 'Project B' from any digital medium or by calling an IVR number, the systems check if the client is already talking to one of the agents and auto-assigns the lead to the same agent. 

If the same agent is not working on that project then anyone can claim the lead.


1. If the agent has failed the lead in 'Project A' will he still get the lead in 'Project B'

Ans: The lead will not be auto-assigned to the agent in this case as he is not actively involved with the client anymore.

2. If the client directly visits another project. Will the agent still get the lead?

Ans: No if the client directly goes to another site and registers himself through SD then anyone on the site can attend the customer and the lead will go to him.

3. If the leads are bulk uploaded then will the same agent get the lead?

Ans: In this case, the system checks if one agent has a lead in 'Project A' and the same agent works in 'Project B' then the lead will be assigned to him even if the lead is uploaded through CSV/bulk upload.

4. If the client connects with some other agent through CP or even directly then who will get the lead?

Ans: If an agent creates a new lead through 'Sales App' then the lead will be created as usual. The system will behave as usual.

Call Masking with 100% call recording and call logs:

With this new feature now you can add your IVR number in the mandate which means a single number for all your local and international callings.

This feature will ensure that you are not missing any call logs and call recordings. This will also help in masking the numbers so better data security is ensured.

How it works: 

There are 2 levels of Call Masking that you can choose from, based on your own use case. 

1. Partial Masking

Use this when you want the numbers to be hidden but still give SMS/Whatsapp capability to the sales team.

2. Full Masking

Use this when you want the client data to be completely hidden. The sales team can't send SMS/Whatsapp from the Sales app.

note - pic-1:  CP number is visible, leads number is masked.

             pic-2: The call will be connected from the virtual number.

             pic-3: Full masking, no option to send the WhatsApp/SMS.

How to enable this feature: 

You can choose this setting from the mandate panel and add the IVR number as shown below. At one time only 1 number can be added under one project.

You can take a landline number based on your usage. When a Landline number is added, it allows around 20 person parallel calling.

Masked number format

To help you identify the lead id and primary/secondary phone number details we have a set format in which the number will be visible in the App.

Virtual Number“+”,”+””10”/”20””+”Lead ID”+”#”

”10” is for the primary number,

”20” is for the secondary number.

Change in Follow-UP logic:  

If you are using this feature all the follow-up logic will function the same way for all outgoing calls. Only for incoming calls, you have to manually update the follow-up event.


1. Who all can call the lead?

Ans: Only the owner of the lead can call the lead.

2. Will call masking work in offline mode as well?

Ans: Yes, call masking will work in both offline and online mode. So if your internet is not working still the numbers will remain masked.

3. How can I change the IVR number of the project?

Ans: You have the options to anytime update the IVR number from mandate setting- 'Outbound masking number' section.

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