Accessing and Creating a Mandate

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Navigate to:

1. About Mandate Settings

2. Accessing Mandate Settings

3. Creating New Mandate

4. Editing Existing Mandate

5. Basic Details

6. Project Details

1. About Mandate Settings  

The mandate panel is used for setting up mandate configuration i.e. creating/editing an existing mandate. These include adding projects, teams, defining lead flow logic, and other mandates-specific information. Also, you can make and save new changes to the existing projects.

Starting with the 'Basic Details' 'Developer Details', Locality Details', 'Call Centre Settings', creating a team, adding agents to the team, defining the lead flow logic, and option to add another project.

Additionally, to add a new mandate, adding at least 1 Team Lead and 1 Agent is mandatory to allocate a resource/s.

Furthermore, to add or edit the information present in the Mandate, you should be authorized with the correct role. 

Example: If you're added as a team lead, viewer, campaign_runner, or even have super access. These roles define an individual who will be permitted to add or edit existing details in the panel.

Note: Permissions can be given to a user which will be accessible to the management.

You'll see the following points covered in this article - 

  • Access Mandate Settings.
  • Create a new mandate.
  • Search and Edit an existing mandate.

Creating New Mandates & Adding Project- Video

2. Access Mandate Settings 

Click on the Hamburger button on the top left corner - Click on Mandates. 

3. Create a New Mandate 

Once, you will have access to the Mandate Settings, click on "Create New Mandate" on the right corner.

4. Search and Edit an existing Mandate

If you wish to search for an existing mandate, start typing the name of the mandate.

Or even you can edit an existing mandate.

5. Add Basic Details 

I. Set the 'mandate type' from the dropdown.

Choose Type:

  • Mandate- Generic
  • Digital- Digital agency
  • Residential- Residential units project
  • Commercial- Commercial units project
  • Industrial- Industrial units project
  • Retail- Retail units project 
  • Plot- Plot project
  • Hostel- Hostel units
  • Rental- Rental listed projects 
  • Resale- Resales listed projects
  • Lease- Leasing listed properties
  • Others- Only Second Homes, and other business projects
  • Open Market- Trespect specific + BAU specific projects

Note: After the mandate is created, you can easily edit/update the 'mandate type' if required.

II. After selecting the Mandate type, enter the mandate name in the 'Enter the name for' section.

III. Add the start and end date (it should be aligned with the contract).

6. Add Project Details


I. Scroll down to the project section.

II. Enter the project name & other relevant details

III. Click on the Create Mandate button at the bottom to save.

Refer to "Adding Project Details Document" to know in detail about adding/updating projects from the mandates settings.

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