You will be able to add Project Details from here - Click to access  

Access role: super, assignment_owner, assignment_runner, and team_lead will be able to add project details, and make changes. 

This section covers - 

  • Why do we need to upload the document?
  • How to upload the documents?
  • How to delete an existing document?

Whenever a lead is interested in a project, he/she will request the agent to share the Sales kit with them. This can contain documents of project details,  brochures, floor plans, costing and payments sheet, and other project-specific details. The agent can select one or all those from the Sales application and share on the lead's WhatsApp/Email.

However, incase if there's a request from a lead for a document which doesn't exist with the Sales kit, the newly requested document can be uploaded from the dashboard and it'll be added under the selected project.

How to upload the documents?

When you'll scroll down in the mandate panel, select one of these options - 

  • +Upload Document,
  • +Add Document URL.


  • You can click on Test and check the Link URL for a specific document category. 
  • To delete an existing document click on the Delete option next to the Test.

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