You will be able to create campaigns from here - Click to access   

Access roles: super, assignment_owner, and assignment_runner will be able to add project details, and make changes.

Campaigns run by the marketing team are tagged here along with their relevant information. 

Here's how you can integrate a campaign:

Click on the Add channel -

  • Channels or Agency name could be - Choose any channel out of the dropdown on which you are running the campaign.
    Example: facebook, landingpage, 99acres, magicbricks, sayahomes_website, etc.
  • Integration key - Please assign a manual integration key for your campaign which you will share with your agency/integration partner.
    Example: sayahomes-website-campaign as seen in screenshot below.
  • Email IDs - Please add email IDs (if any) of stakeholders who would receive lead generation details on daily basis from that particular channel.
  • Only OTP Verified Leads - This is a checkbox once the developer/agency enables OTP verification on their landingpage/website/lead generation form on their respective channel to get leads only through OTP verification from customer.
    • Note: To enable OTP verification leads campaign, please request the Tech team to enable OTP services on your mandate beforehand.

i. Click on +Add channel

ii. Enter the Channel/Agency Name, integration key, and other details.

iii. Save changes to this mandate.

Note: Click "Delete" to delete an existing campaign.

Copy Channel Details: After adding all details in your campaign, you can copy/paste entire details to share with anyone by clicking this tool.

Note: Please ensure these details are first added here and then shared with your agency/integration partner as displayed since they are 'case-sensitive'.

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