This article covers - 

⦁    Introducing "MyLeads" section for Sales Managers

⦁    Where to access "MyLeads" on Project Dashboard?

⦁    How will a Sales Agent see all the leads assigned to them on dashboard?

⦁    How can a user create a new lead from the dashboard?

About MyLeads - 

Anarock has multiple lead generation mechanism on each project. Considering a Sales Manager has an option to create a lead from the Sales application, a Site registrar (front desk executive) can create a lead using the Site Digitalization (SD) product, a team lead can upload leads from the dashboard. 

Furthermore, a team lead can see the number of leads of a Sales Manager has in his or her bucket. 

How about having a section in the dashboard so that user can see all the leads assigned to him or her, also an option to create a new lead from there itself. To keep this in mind, there's a new section added in the dashboard called - 

My Leads: 

It gives the detail to users about the leads "Assigned to me" and "Created by me". Also, the user can now create a new lead from the dashboard using the "Post a Lead" option.

Users with NO dashboard access can see leads which are assigned to them, and also can create a new lead from the dashboard itself.

Note: Dashboard access not needed.

Where to access "My Leads" section on Project Dashboard?

Click on the Hamburger button on the top left corner - Click on Mandates.

How will a user see all the leads assigned to them on dashboard?

Once a user gets access to the My Leads, there'll be 2 categories - 

  • Assigned to me - 

             These are the total leads assigned to the user. 

  • Created by me - 

            The leads created by the user itself.

            Example: Sales Manager created a lead from Sales App.


How can a user create a new lead from the dashboard? 

The user will be able to create a new lead using the "Post a Lead" button.

Step 1 - 

Click on Post a Lead.

Step 2 - 

Fill in all the required details - 

  • Select the project - Project in which lead is interested.
  • Select the Status - Lead should be sent to the Fresh/Claimed bucket.
  • Select the Sales Manager - If Status is claimed, then select the Sales Manager to whom you want to assign the lead.
  • Customer Phone Number - Enter the lead's phone number.

After filling in all the details 

Click Next -  

Fill in the lead details i.e. 

Basic Details, Purchase Interest, Current Occupied Property Details, Personal Details, Professional Details, etc...

Click Next - 

At the last select the source, sub source of the lead, and add the notes.

Click Done - 

The lead will be created or Posted successfully - 

The lead will be visible under Created by me category.



  • All the clicks from My Leads will be disabled.
    Example: remove viewer / send for booking approval/change site visit / linked lead 
    failed from the web, etc...
  • If a lead created from the Post my Lead, and assigned to the Sales Manager, he or she will get a notification on the Sales app.



  • If lead created from using "Post a Lead", and lead sent to fresh, Sales Managers with 'lead flow' ON will get the created lead.
  • Only those sources will be visible on lead create from the Post my Lead, which are set by the marketing team from the "Create Source Panel".
  • Any user whose employee profile is created can create a lead url. (no need to be an Agent/Sales Manager or a dashboard user).
  • Developer/builder profile won't be able to see the post my lead button.
  • The user won't be able to see fresh leads/cc leads on the View My Leads section.

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