Lets look at the complete process of booking creation and invoice processing.

Step 1: Booking creation

Step 2: Booking approval process

Step 3: Create invoice

Step 4: Upload developer confirmation

Step 5: Send invoice for approval

Step 1:Booking Creation

The whole process starts with booking creation. Bookings can be created by different user roles:

  • Agents using the Sales app to create a booking
  • Team leads using the dashboard to create a booking
  • Booking approvers level 1 and level 2 using the bookings page

For more on booking creation, please refer Bookings Page.

Step 2: Booking approval process

Booking approval process is a two step process which can involve Team Leads at level 1 and City Leads at level 2. Lets look the complete process at each level.

Booking Approval Level 1 (TL level):

Team Leads when login as level1 approvers to verify and complete the following:

  • Booking details along with service fee calculations
  • Fee allocations (total 100% needs to be allocated)

Note: Service fee will be calculated automatically based on the brokerage rules applied at project level.

To add or edit allocations, click on the booking card and click 'Edit Booking'. 

Note: There may be some default allocations already present due to finance level configuration. 

Fee share can be added in case of channel partner/referral, etc commissions. 

For approving the booking, open the booking and click approve.



Booking Approval Level 2 (City Lead level):

When city leads login as level 2 approvers, they can verify booking details, service fee calculation and fee allocations before approving the booking. Steps mentioned can be followed to approve/reject a booking.  From the booking details, authorized level 1 and level 2 approvers can approve or reject the booking. On rejection, at both level 1 and level 2, the booking will go back to the sales agent and he needs to send it again for approval.

Note: Multiple approvers can be configured at each level. Refer link for more.

Step 3: Create Invoice

Once bookings are approved and verified at both levels by Team leads and City leads, City leads can create invoices with the approved bookings. 


  1. For bookings to be added to invoice, its needs to have brokerage fees calculated and allocated to a total of 100%.
  2. Brokerage rule to be set at project level by the finance team.

On the bookings page, click 'Add for invoicing' to select a booking for invoicing. Multiple bookings can be added to an invoice. Click 'Create New Invoice' to create the invoice for the selected bookings.

All invoices created are visible on the invoices tab, available from the left hand menu on dashboard. 

Before sending an invoice for approval, an invoice can edited to modify add/edit following items:



1. Bookings from multiple mandates cannot be added to a single invoice.

2. Developer confirmation needs to be uploaded before approval.

3. Bookings can also be added to a created invoice before approval. Only accessible to booking approver level 2.

4. Debit and Credit can also be added on the invoice to adjust service fee.

Step 4: Upload developer confirmation

After invoice has been created, invoice details can be copied and shared with the developer. 

Once developer confirmation is received, it needs to be uploaded on the invoice.

Step 5: Send invoice for approval

After uploading developer confirmation, the next step it to send the invoice for approval to the finance team.

The status of approval from finance can be tracked here on the same page.

All invoices created can be accessed on https://dashboard.anarock.com/invoices.

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