Google's marketing platform provides the capability to run ad campaigns for your business growth. Wherein, you run lead generation campaigns, analyze their performance, market your product, set an advertising budget, and spend a certain amount.

Now, let's understand how the marketing panel will assist you when you integrate google platform with marketing panel:

    1. The marketing panel will capture all leads generated from google ad campaigns and generate report.

    2. You will be able to see real-time spend against an individual campaign.

Creating campaigns for real-time spend tracking: 

  • Adding Adwords account Id in Configuration.
  • Create an online campaign in the marketing panel.
  • Generate a hash key.
  • Add the generated hash key in the respective campaign.

Steps to pull leads in marketing panel, generated from campaigns

  • Adding JS_SDK script in all the enquiry forms.
  • Details shared by Anarock team during the integration.

The first thing would be required is the google adwords account id. Wondering, where to get it?

Refer to the screenshot below:

Add Adwords account Id in the configuration:

Click on Configuration - > Reporting Details

Enter Adwords Account Id and Save:

Creating campaigns for real-time spend tracking:

  • Create an online campaign in the marketing panel.
  • Generate hashtag spends key.
  • Add the generated hashtag spends key in the relevant campaign.

Click on Campaigns -> Create Campaigns

Select the values:

  • Channel Type: online
  • Source: google (make sure you select google as source)
  • Sub Source: google_search (Sub Source specific to a campaign)
  • Spend Method: api

Toggle ON the button

Save Changes  -Save changes when you fill in all the required details.

After save changes, hashtag spends key will be generated. Copy the hashkey highlighted in the pic below.

Add hashtag spends key in the campaign as shown in the pic below:

When this part is completed, spends will automatically start flowing in the system. 

Steps to pull leads in marketing panel, generated from campaigns?

If you are responsible to manage all the campaigns, kindly access JS_SDK file and integrate the script in the enquiry forms. Or if an agency is running and managing campaigns, please share SDK link with them and ask to integrate the script.


Link to Access JS-SDK Script

Link to Access JS_SUBMIT_SDK

Following details will be provided by Anarock team during integration time.

  • channel_name
  • env
  • key
  • campaign id

This way you will complete the integration with google platform and lead flow will start flowing.


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