This article caters to comprehensive source wise reports pertaining to leads received, spends, qualified leads, analysis like; cost per lead, cost per site visit, and a lot more.

All the online and offline activities, campaigns for lead generation elevate to better lead conversion. Whenever you run ad campaigns targeting multiple sources like - Facebook, Google, Portals like; 99 acres, housing, magicbricks, etc.
To extract the reports and do further analysis, you would need a tool or panel which gives you broader access to reports based on sources tagged along with a campaign.
Source wise section in Marketing panel serves the same purpose. You get the insights about a campaign's health by looking into the leads received, conversion ratio, cost per lead, cost per site booking, and much more.

In addition, quick filters are available to customized the report as per your need and download the report, if required.


You can apply or remove filter to narrow down or broaden your search criteria.

Select a project -> Click on "SOURCE WISE" from left nav.

Default View on Report:

The default view has channel_type (online or offline), source / sub source selection, and you can apply a date range to filter the report.

When you change to source, report gives you different view based on source.

This report shows leads received from a source, spends against that source and other details like;

CPL: The cost per lead is calculated based on total number of spends / total number of leads.

For an Instance: From 99acres, total spends = 10,000/- and leads converted 500. So, CPL (cost per lead) would be 20.

Acquaint yourself with the terminologies:

Leads which have crossed the interested stage.

This gives you cost per quality lead.

Leads which are waiting to be qualified.

Total number of leads on which site visit is completed. 

Total number of site visits done.
Cost per site booking, based on the spends and number of visits.
CPB:Cost per booking done, based on the spends and leads in booking done state.


Click on daily, weekly, weekday to change the view of report.

Select a date range, channel_type, source, and subsource.

Select the columns you want to keep / remove in the report.

Download the report.

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