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1. Virtual meeting invite

2. How can agents send a virtual meeting invite to a lead?

3. How will agents see the Virtual Meeting link from the Sales App? 

4. FAQs (Q&A)

1. Virtual Meeting Invite 


There might be a situation when a lead can't appear for the Face to Face meeting or Site Visit but is still interested to take the conversation forward via meetings or even wants to see the property. 


The Sales app allows agents to send the virtual meeting invite to the email address of the lead. So the lead will receive a virtual meeting link on his/her email address and will be able to virtually connect with the agent. 

2. How Agents Can Send A Virtual Invite To A Lead?


If an agent schedules a Face to Face meeting or Site Visit event with a lead, a virtual meeting invite will be sent to the email address of the lead (if an agent has the lead's email address), 


1. Adding the Email ID of the Lead is mandatory while scheduling the virtual email invite.

2. Virtual meetings can be scheduled for Face to Face Meetings or Site Visits with the lead.

3. Virtual meeting invite is not applicable in the case of Follow-Ups events. 

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3. How Agents Will See The Virtual Meeting Link From The Sales App? 


After scheduling a Face to Face meeting or Site Visit event from the Sales app, the agent will see the virtual meeting link as shown in the pic below.

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4. FAQs (Q&A)


Q1: Do I need to download the meet or teams app?

Ans: Yes


Q2: Can I schedule a virtual event in offline mode?

Ans: Yes, but the meeting link will be available once you come online.


Q3: Can I change an In-person meeting to a virtual or vice versa?

Ans: Yes, before marking it done.


Q4: What happens if I reschedule the meeting?

Ans: The meeting link will remain the same but the time of the meeting will get updated.


Q5: What if there is no meeting link?

Ans: It is only possible when your management asks us to disable the virtual links.


Q6: Which app needs to be used for a virtual meeting?

Ans: Based on the discussion with your management, we will generate a meeting link of Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

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