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1. Sales App- Home

Upcoming eventsShows all the upcoming events (follow-ups, face-to-face, & site visits) for the same day.
Outdated eventsScheduled events which are either missed by the agents or agents have forgotten to mark as done despite completing the event.
FreshPending leads that agent needs to claim to move ahead in the lead journey.
ClaimedLeads that are claimed by the agent using the Sales app.
InterestedLeads that show their interest in the property.
Meeting doneFace-to-face or virtual meeting with the lead is completed.
Visit doneLead has visited the property.
Final negotiationThe lead is negotiating after completing the visits & confirming the property.
Booking doneThe booking with the lead is closed.
FailedLeads that are marked failed by the agents during the lead journey.

2. Search Filters

The agent can search leads by applying several filters in the Sales Agent application. These filters are:

ProjectAgents can search for leads from specific projects.
Event typeAgents can search the leads having scheduled events (Follow-up, face-to-face, & site visits).
Event statusThis will show leads according to the missed, planned, or completed events.
Event dateAgents can filter leads depending upon the scheduled events on an ongoing day, ongoing week, or ongoing month.
Lead typeIt shows the lead category their potential to convert on the basis of cold, warm, & hot.
Lead sourceIt includes parameters (Missed calls, patch-outs, transferred, digital inquiries, & self-creation) for filtering the leads.
Lead statusIt shows leads according to their present status i.e. claimed, interested, meeting done, visit done, negotiation, booking done, & failed.
Lead claim dateAgents can filter the leads depending upon the lead claimed date. It includes parameters like ongoing day, ongoing week, ongoing month, & previous day.

3. Events

Options to schedule various events with the interested leads from the Sales App.

- Follow up

- Face-to-face

- Site visits

4. Lead Details

All the details of the lead that the agent can view, edit or add by tapping on the lead card in the Sales Agent App.

- Lead ID

- Lead name

- Project name

- Lead source

- Lead category

- Lead status

- Project details

- Event scheduling

- Past events

- Notes

- Additional details

- Transfer Lead

5. Sales Kit

Sales agents can directly share the project details with the lead with a single click. The Sales kit includes:

- Project directions

- Brochure

- Floor plan

- Project details

- Project description 

- Project USPs

Note: Sharing the sales kit allows you to share anything through docs, PDFs, and URLs.

6. Others

In the bottom nav bar, when you click on the ‘3 vertical dots’, it will take you to other quick actionable which include:

- Active/Inactive Status

- Projects

- Your Stats

- Expense Reimbursements

- Incentives

- Call Logs

- Settings

- Saboo

- Support Email

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