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1. Server-Side Integration

    - Authentication

    - Lead Synchronization

    - Testing

2. Common Errors While Landing Page Form Integration Using API

1. Server-Side Integration

Step 1: Authentication 

For integrating the landing page form through API, you have to first share the API key in the hash by encrypting it using time_stamp for authentication. You can click this link to check the code script available in PHP, NodeJS, & Ruby.


- The API key will be provided by your POC at the Anarock team

- Don’t forget to replace KEY with your API Key.

Step 2: Lead Synchronisation

You can call our API directly through the server by providing a hash. You can copy the code script from the ‘Sync Lead’ section of this link to post the lead to the Anarock database.

You can choose any of the provided parameters from the ‘Query Parameter’ section to add any extra details that you want to send to the server.

Step 3: Testing

Check successful lead submission with all the parameters using the following ‘GET API’:



2. Common Errors While Landing Page Form Integration Using API

- Make sure mapping details are correct.

- Ensure that authentication or hashing is done correctly.

- First, you should always test with the Staging Key, and if everything is fine then replace it with the API key provided by the Anarock team.

- Auth keys are environment-specific- make sure you are using Staging KEY in the Staging environment and Production KEY in the Production environment.

- Avoid any mismatched key values.

Still, finding it difficult? Connect with our team to understand the whole process.

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