Introducing the new Pulse app with a redesigned interface and a better experience with more performance insights and in-product help.

What we have new for you?

1.  Simpler to use: a redesigned interface to make it easier to use.

2. Better experience: find more details like lead details, timeline history with the alerts.

3. Team Activity: Enriched activity tab to better understand performance insights.

4. Agent Stats: Get all the numbers & metrics related to Agent performance.

5. More supportive: Get more in-product help. Descriptions and subtext added to get detailed explanation of filters and numbers.

How to use:

With the new interface, it is now easier to select projects, teams, apply date ranges and filters. Use the filter on top and select single or multiple projects with multiple teams.

To get accustomed with the user interface, we can label it into two sections. 

  • Alerts: This section gives you access to alerts on a day-to-day basis. One can also apply filter to only display specific alerts for specific agents.
  • Activity: This section gives insights to the day-to-day events being planned, done, missed or cancelled on project leads. One can also look at agent performance in this section.

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