The Pulse app has been updated with few minor enhancements and issue resolution.


1.  Lead details in WhatsApp message.

Issues Fixed:

1. Login issue with lead history

2. Actual agent phone country code

3. Auto sign-out issue

4. Issue with WIP count


1. Lead details in WhatsApp message: 
When one tries to WhatsApp an agent using the pulse app, in context to an alert on a lead, the message in WhatsApp comes pre-filled with lead details.

Issues Fixed:

    1. Login issue with lead history:

        Previously, when opening lead history, it asked for a re-login. This issue has been resolved.

    2. Actual agent phone country code:
         With the updated release, agent phone number will be displayed with its actual country code.   

    3. Auto sign-out issue:
        Few users were getting signed-out automatically from the app. This issue has been resolved.            

    4. Issue with WIP count:

        The WIP count on the app, displays the correct number for each project selected as well as for each agent in the project.

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