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1. Highlights

2. Introduction

3. Installation & Permissions

4. Training Flow

1. Highlights

- Available only on Android - Google Play Store.

- Designed exclusively for real estate

- Mobile-only & easy-to-use experience

- Effective lead distribution

- Work seamlessly in low connectivity

- Quick Connect: Connect with your customers in 30 seconds or less

Image: Lead Listing, Lead Details, & Lead History

2. Introduction

Sales App enables sales managers to follow up with clients, manage calls across the phone and web, incoming caller id detection based on leads, and automate the next tasks based on the status of calls (time duration, connected, rejected, successful) with your customers.

Sales App empowers agents with:

- Uber-like parallel lead distribution

- Offline-first approach for low internet connectivity

- Call recordings

- Automatically predicts outcome

- Audio notes

- Smart call modal

- In-depth lead history

- User stats- Reimbursements, logs

3. Installation & Permissions

Refer to these different devices in documents to check the detailed steps for downloading, installation, & permissions required for Sales App. 

[Available only on Android - Google Play Store]

4. Training Flow

For any support on our products, please reach out to

For any feedback, please reach out to