Build release 3.10.2

Modified on Wed, 09 Aug 2023 at 03:20 PM

Feature enhancements


When looking for specific leads using the search icon at the bottom of the screen, all filters selected will be taken into account.

For example, selecting both 'Site Visit' and 'Follow up' from Event type section will list all Site Visits and Follow Ups. Selecting 'Missed' as well from the Event Status section will list all Site Visits and Follow Ups that were missed.

Cancelling event for lead added through Site Registration

Site Visit scheduled for a lead through Site Registration at the venue cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.

The agent will need to update the event with details of the site visit and mark the event as done.

An error message is thrown when the lead is attempted for status change or transfer without the Site Visit being updated.

Prompt for app update

When the app requires an update during installation or later during a patch/build release, you'll see a prompt indicating that a new version of the app is available for download.

Click on 'Update Now' when you see this to proceed.

Updates to future events

It won't be possible to update a future event when moving a lead to Meeting Done or Visit Done.

Links in project documents

It's now possible to share and open hyperlinks in project documents uploaded in the TL Dashboard.

New feature addition

Call log sync

Log for calls made to [or received from] a lead when the mobile phone is not connected to the internet will still be available in the mobile app, but will sync with the TL Dashboard when the phone is back online. 

Create lead managed via CP

Leads managed via the Channel Partner can now be created without the necessity of saving the lead's phone number. The Channel Partner's number would be saved instead, and calls will be made to the Channel Partner instead of the lead.

As of now, it's possible to share Project Details with only the lead and not the CP, assuming lead contact details are saved.
Also, it won't be possible to save the lead to contacts unless the lead's phone number is entered.

Choose between multiple phone numbers for Calls and WhatsApp messaging 

When multiple phone numbers are saved for a lead, or both CP and Lead phone numbers are saved for a CP lead, you can choose which number to send a WhatsApp message to or make a call by long pressing the WhatsApp message or Call button.

Lead transfer between projects by Agent 

Leads can now be transferred between projects by an agent from the agent app, subject to these conditions:

-- The destination project [to which the lead is being transferred] belongs to the same developer as the source project [from where the transfer was initiated].

-- The lead being transferred is not a CP lead.
Destination bucket of transferred lead:

Interested: The agent transferring the lead is present in both projects (source and destination).

Fresh: The agent transferring the lead is not part of the destination project.  

Manage visibility of transferred lead

The agent transferring the lead can choose between being able to manage the lead from both projects, or just the destination project (depending on the lead's property preference). 

Availability of call center notes and call recording 

The in-app call log for each lead will now show recording from the call center as well, and the notes section in the lead details page will also show notes added by the call center agent.

This change is exclusive to call center patch-outs.

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