While registering a new visit on site registration link, the questions available in the form are customizable.

These questions can be customized project-wise. Follow the steps to perform customization.

  1. On the mandate panel, go to a specific project for which site registration questions need to be edited and scroll down to “Edit Site Digitalization Form Questions”.
  2. Click on “Edit Site Digitalization Form Questions”.
  3. A settings page opens. On this the questions can be switched on by selecting “On” checkbox and can be made mandatory for the form, by selecting “Mandatory Checkbox”. Click save to save the settings.

Also the options list for an answer can be modified for many of the questions. This can be done by going to the Global Settings page (Global Settings).For example, for adding a new occupation:

  1. Scroll down to “Occupation” on Global Settings and click on Add Occupation.
  2. On the overlay, enter the new occupation and click Create. The new occupation gets added to the list.

Similarly, options can be modified for other questions as well. The options modified will be applicable across all mandates and projects. Note: Customization can only be done by super users.

For Example:

When the salutation field was switched "on" and "mandatory" from settings page, this is how the form fields changed.