You will be able to add Site Registrar from here - Click to access

Access roles: super, assignment_owner, and assignment_runner will be able to add Site registrar (front desk executive) and make changes.

NoteYou will be able to get an option of adding only this while editing an existing mandate.

This article covers -

  • About Site Registrar,
  • How to add a Site Registrar,
  • How to delete a Site Registrar.

About Site Registrar -


Once you add A Site registrar, he/she will be responsible to capture the details of a lead, whenever there is a site visit happens on a project site.

The user who'll be added as a site registrar will have access to the Site Digitalization(SD) product and can register/create a new lead with/without the contact number and create a new site visit, assign an agent and mark the site visit done.

Note: Site digitalization(SD) product is used to capture the lead details, whenever a lead comes to the project site. The product can be accessed at the project site using a laptop or tablet screen.

How to add a Site Registrar?

Steps to add a user as a site registrar - 

  • Search the name of a user
  • Select a project where the user will be added
  • Click on Add now

 NoteYou can add one or more site registrars to a project.

             A user can be added as a Site registrar in one or multiple Projects.

How to delete a Site registrar? 

Once, the users are added as a site registrar in a project, you'll see the details as shown below.

Site registrar can be deleted using the Delete button.


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