Assign Permission To A User

  • Role will decide the level of permission for the user.
  • A Role to a User can be assigned from Secret Panel.
  • Below mentioned Roles can be assigned to a User depending on the business need.


Types of roles - 

  • super,
  • assignment_owner,
  • assignment_runner, 
  • campaign_runner, 
  • team_lead, 
  • associate_team_lead, 
  • developer,
  • site_registrar, 
  • viewer.

Roles and Permissions Table - 


Recommended user for a role - 

Sr. No. RoleUser For this Role
1.superDirector, VP, (or administrator with full access).
2.assignment_ownerHead or Owner of the mandate who has the authority to take the mandate level decisions.
3.assignment_runnerAssistant to Sales Head or In-charge of the mandate to monitor activity in a particular mandate.
4.campaign_ownerA marketing team member (internal or external) to monitor certain campaigns performance.
5.team_leadSales team member who leads one or more teams of sales manager to monitor their activity.
6.associate_team_leadSubset of team_lead role with certain restrictions Ex - won't be able to download the data dump, confidential info like phone number, email address are masked, etc...
7.developerTeam member with lead transfer, download data, etc...
8.site_registrarThis user has nothing to do with dashboard and can only access site digitalization product.
9.viewerAny team member to whom you only want to give read-only access. 
Note - Email & Phone number will be Masked.

A Few Key Points - 

1) super has access to ”Update the Assignment Status” i.e. active/inactive.

2) super has "Booking Approval" access.

3) super, assignment_runner and assignment_owner will access "Project level Configuration"

4) super and assignment_owner can change "Site visit source".

5) super and assignment_runner can decide - Lead flow Logic (i.e. Leads will go to call center, Sales, etc...)

6) associate_team_lead can't add leads to Call Center through CSV upload.

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