Strategy Team Process on New Mandate Creations

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1. Overview

2. Steps for mandate creation

2.1. Creating a mandate

2.2. Adding team members

2.3. Adding TL as team lead & agent

2.4. Call center setup

2.5. Additional access

2.6. Additional projects

2.7. Integrations

2.8. Sharing details with our support team

1. Overview

Sales and Strategy teams work closely on every new mandate onboarding on Tech via Project Dashboard. For the same, we have maintained a process that the Strategy Team can follow while creating and maintaining a mandate which helps the entire Sales team along with Santosh Sir with maximum visibility. 

Note: It is recommended to follow all the steps mentioned in this document for each mandate to help Sales achieve the end targets.

2. Steps For Mandate Creation

Follow the below steps to create mandates across Residential, Commercial, Retail, and Second Homes businesses.

Step 1- Mandate creation

The strategy team will create the mandates as required by following the below points as default.

-> Start of the mandate:

- Adding developer and project details of the project.

- Adding TL of the project.

- Adding booking approvers (Level 1 and Level 2).

-> Course of the mandate:

- Adding site registrar as applicable.

- Adding sales/marketing kit from Marketing team/Agency.

- Customizing lead questions on SV, Sales App & Call Centre as applicable.

- Adding/removing virtual numbers for campaigns (only routing to Sales).

- Enabling call masking for call recordings for the Sales team as required.

Step 2- Adding team members

Once the mandate is created, strategy SPOC will inform the details & show the steps to add agents/team members to the Team Leads (TL).

After this, TLs will be able to add the respective agents/team members.

Note: TL can add 1 or more teams on respective projects as needed. E.g. Sourcing/closing managers or Tele callers present on the site. 

Step 3- Adding TL as Team Lead & Agent

SPOC from the strategy will create atleast 1 team where TL is added both, as a Team Lead and himself/herself as an Agent with patch out and lead flow off.

Step 4- Call center setup

The strategy team will share the project access with Ravish’s team (from Call Center) for configuring the call center.

Step 5- Additional access

SPOC from the strategy team will email the additional access details to by keeping the following person in CC.

- Team Leads (Sales and Call Centre)

- City Lead

- Business Lead

- L&D Regional/City Trainer

- Vaibhav Tulshan (

The email body must include name/email of:

- Team Leads (Sales and Call Centre)

- City Lead

- Business Lead

- L&D Regional/City Trainer

- Vaibhav Tulshan (

- Details for developers/promoters team

  •            Provide Name, Email, Phone Number and specify which access to be given out of the following “ Viewer Access or Developer Access”.


  1. Please refer to the solution guide: Roles & Permissions Article for its detailed comparison.
  2. Targets sheet should be filled and sent across along with Approved Go-No-Go sheet and mail from Santosh Kumar.
  3. If requesting access to the developer after the mandate creation, please use the same Email of mandate creation with the list of receipts as above while requesting

Step 6- Adding projects

You can add new projects in the same mandate as required and add respective TL in the new project as defined under Sales operations. Once TL is added, he/she has the access to add the Agents and other Sales resources on the mandate as required.

You and TL can refer the steps mentioned in our solution guide on ‘Adding Project Details’.

Step 7- Adding Targets

Once the mandate is created, strategy members would need to discuss the Approved Targets to be set in the mandate delivery plan and provide its breakup for it to be uploaded on Dashboard.

Format is attached in this document below.

Step 8- Integrations

For Non-Anarock Digital mandates and onboarding external agencies to integrate Digital and Offline Channel leads, please refer to our entire folder of solutions articles related to ‘Integrations’ for digital agencies and yourself. 

For any questions and assistance, email

Step 9- Sharing details with our support team

Once the mandate is created with all the above steps, emailing the new mandate details to according to the format defined in Step 5 is mandatory. 

Kindly attach the following details as listed below

a. Go-No-Go Excel file of the mandate targets sent to Santosh Kumar for approval.

b. Go-No-Go email of the aforementioned Excel file of targets (as attachment or screenshot) approved by Santosh Kumar.

c. Share the filled target Excel sheet in the given format as approved for ANAROCK Tech to upload.

For any doubts on process, steps, documents and any other suggestions you have, please reach out to your respective Tech POC.

For any support on our products, please reach out to

For any feedback, please reach out to

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