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1. Things to know

2. Adding a team lead

3. Adding sales managers/team members

4. Changing team leads & removing an agent

5. Work hours for team

6. Adding a new team to a project

1. Things to Know

Access roles: super, assignment_owner, assignment_runner, and team_lead will be able to add project details, and make changes.

A team's responsibility includes managing leads, rapport building, schedule and action follow-ups, events, meetings, and driving leads from the site visit to the booking done. 

Note: Unless you add a team in this section, you won't be able to work on the mandate nor be visible in the 'Overview' section to start your analysis.

You will be able to add Project Details from here - Click to access.

2. How to Add a Team Lead? 

Search for the name of the user to be added as a team lead.

Note: You have the option to edit a team name from default team names viz Team1, Team2, Team3, etc... 

Example: Tarun's Team, Harshal's Team, Ahmed's Team, etc...

3. How to Add Sales Managers/Team Members? 

Start typing the name of the Sales Manager who'll be added under a team lead. 

Note: One or more agents can be added to a team.

There are 2 categories defined for each Sales Manager - 

  • Add agents who'll work on leads - You can add a Sales Manager who will receive the leads and will work on them.
  • Agent(s) with lead flow switched off - You can add agents to who you wish to not send any leads at the start. Agents under this section are moved when their lead flow is Off.


- Please ensure that the Sales Manager or Team Member that you are adding is not added to the previously added projects or other mandates.

- If the Sales Manager/Team Member is added to other projects or mandates, then you will receive an error while adding them to the new project.

- To avoid error, you have to first email our support team at to increase the mandate count for the Sales Manager/Team Member. The email must include the agent's name & email ID.

- Once the support team receives the email, they will increase the mandate count for the requested agent after which you will be successfully able to add to the new project.

4. How to Change Team lead & Remove an Agent?

You can change the team lead by clicking 'Change Team Lead'  and also remove an added agent from the list by clicking 'Remove Agent' and "Save the Mandate".

5. Define Work Hours for the Team

The working hours can be decided by a particular team by defining 'Start Time' and 'End Time'. 

Also, a team's booking target can be set by defining a number in 'Team's Booking Target'.

6. How to Add a New Team to a Project?

You can add a new team by clicking on +Add another team.

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