You will get a quick snapshot of different elements:             

1. Channel group-wise lead conversion,

2. Fresh/WIP Leads,

3. Lead Activity for the day,

4. Lead conversion channel-wise, 

5. Leads received breakdown, 

6. Agent Performance. 

Channel group-wise lead conversion 

Important Terminology 

Digital Leads
Leads coming from social media marketing like google, facebook ads,, magicbricks, etc... or project website.
Leads coming from virtual numbers on hoardings, sms, etc...
Direct Walk-ins
Customers coming directly on the project site for a visit.
Channel Partners
Leads attributed to channel partners.
When an agent or internal user adds a lead in the system.
Lead has at-least one inquiry or event with referral details.

How conversion percentages are calculated?

Let us suppose - 

One mandate received 150 Digital Leads Out of 150 -> 50 Leads came for the site visit at least once

Out of 50 (site visit leads number) -> 20 leads purchase at-least one property unit.

Lead to Site Visit conversion % = Leads came for Site Visit / Total Digital Leads received 

                                                                                  (50 / 150)*100 = 33.33 %

Visit to Bookings Done % = Booking done leads / Leads came for site visit 

                                                                                  (20 / 50)*100 = 40 %

How Failed and Junk percentages are Calculated? 

Let us suppose - 

You received 200 Offline Leads Out of 200 -> 120 were marked Failed.

Out of 200 -> 30 were marked Junk.

Lead Failed % = Number of Leads Marked Failed / Total number of Offline Leads 

                                                        (120 / 200)*100 = 60 %

Lead Junk % = Number of Leads Marked Junk / Total number of Offline Leads 

                                                        (30 / 200)*100 = 15 %


Let's discuss about Fresh/WIP Leads, Lead Activity & Leads Received breakdown. 

2. Fresh/WIP Leads 

Fresh - Number of leads not yet claimed by any agent.

WIP Leads - Work In Progress leads are those leads where an agent is working on it to try and get the customer to visit the site or purchase the property unit.

WIP = Sum of -> Claimed + Interested + Meeting Done + Visit Done + Final Negotiation.    

Ignored leads - WIP Leads are considered ignored when: they don't have a future event or no action has taken on it in the past 24 hours (status changes or events aren't marked done).

Note - All numbers are clickable, you can see the list of respective leads after clicking.

3. Lead Activity 

These numbers show the events planned, done, 

or missed for a quick overview.

Query: What does 157/1.1k Followups Done mean? 

157 -> are the FollowUps Done till the time

and 1100+ are the sum of FollowUps Planned, Done, and Missed for the day till time.

Note - Revisit -> Lead who has already visited the site once will come in Revisit next time.

4. Leads Today 

Digital Leads - Number of leads received from digital channels.

Offline - Number of Offline leads received from virtual numbers campaigns.
Patch-out Given - Leads that are patched out by the call center agents to the sales manager.
Direct Walk-ins - 
Customers visiting the project site directly.

Note - Click on Today 
to choose a different date range.

5. Agent Performance 

 1. This section gives you the quick brief of the agent's current Work-In-Progress leads, Bookings Done 

     by the agent, site visits done and the leads to junk bucket percentage.


2. Search agent option is given to check for an individual agent's WIP leads, Bookings Done etc...

    Note - Reports Numbers are clickable, you can see the list of Leads by clicking on 
    the numbers. 

Agent Performance - Leads on/off & Agent's App Status


1. Team Leads can turn the lead flow on/off for the agent. 

    Note - super user & assignment_runner can also turn off/on lead's flow for the agent.

    Note - If the lead flow is off, the agent will not receive any new leads directly, unless switched it 

    on again.

2. Check the agent's app status to see if the agent is working or not. 

    Note - If the agent's app status is OFF then it implies that the agent has kept the status OFF 

    from the sales app.

Note - Click on the More agent-wise reports to get the detailed agent-breakdown reports.

Agent Performance - inactive/active agents 

Toggle right/left to check for inactive/active agents.

Note - Inactive will only show if an agent kept the status OFF from the Sales app.

Important Points -  

  • Understand Leads classified into various Channel Groups and their Lead Conversion.
  • Have a quick look at Fresh & Work in Progress (WIP) Leads everyday!
  • Have a quick check on Lead Activity (events) & Leads received in the system every week!
  • Check Agent Performance! - Search for an agent, number of Bookings, Visits done by an agent on regularity.
  • Check Total Work In Progress(WIP) leads an agent currently has in their bucket & how many out of them are in Ignored.
  • Monitor the total number of leads & percentage (%) marked as Junk by an agent.
  • Keep an eye on Agent’s sales app status and how to switch off/on the fresh leads flow when you desire.

Thank You