Project Dashboard Release 05.03.2020

Modified on Thu, 10 Aug 2023 at 01:08 PM

Features Added:

Bug Fixes:

Features Added:

1. Email Masking for users having viewer role.

All the users who have 'viewer' role in the project will not be able to see the email id of the leads in TL Dashboard.

2. The site visit source can be changed only by users having roles as assignment_owner or super.

From TL dashboard one can change the Visit Source of clients coming though SD. This right is however now restricted to user having roles of either assignment_owner or super. 

3. New columns added in Reports: Agent Reports under Events Activity section.

Couple of new columns added in Events Activity Reports. Now you can view event activity count of All Follow Ups, Follow Ups done, Follow ups missed and Follow Ups cancelled.


4. All Agent category reports except Calls Activity will have new Team row dimension along with existing "Agent" and "Project" rows.

"Teams" have been added in all the agent reports in the dashboard. This will give a team wise view while you are looking at the different reports available in the agent section.

Just select the "Teams" option and you can see teams, agents and projects in the rows section of the reports.

5. New Report section "Activity" added under Agent report tab. 

This report will allow to filter and view data based on individual timestamps of the agents i.e. you can see various activities planned by that agent in a specific month's time (time range individual).

6. CC dump and lead dumps will now show in a single export from the dashboard.

We have now combined Call Centre dump and Leads dump into a single one. Now for extracting all the leads data only Leads dump is available which will give you all the data.

7. Hot and Cold pipeline columns added in the revenue reports.

Revenue Report under the Agent section will now have Hot and cold pipelines details. 4 new columns are added in this report-

  • Hot Expected closure count- This shows the count of the leads which are in "Final Negotiation" bucket and their expected timeline to buy field is filled by the agents.
  • Hot Revenue Pipeline- This will show sum of all the hot pipeline's budgets. (when the budget range is calculated we consider the minimum budget value while calculating this field)
  • Cold Expected closure count- This shows the count of all such leads which are either in Claimed to Visit Done buckets and their expected timeline to buy is not known. 
  • Cold Revenue pipeline- This will show the budgets of all the cold leads. (when the budget range is calculated we consider the minimum budget value while calculating this field)

Bug Fixes:

1. Agent's App Status on Dashboard.

The status of the Agent App is now reflecting on the TL Dashboard in the over view tab. Whenever the agents update the status on their app, it will reflect on the dashboard as well.

2. Ignored leads count in overview tab.

You can find the ignored leads count in the Overview tab again now.

3. Site visit count data in overview tab

Visit done count in the overview tab had some data issues which has been fixed now. Visit Done will count the number of Site Visit (events) done.

4. Expected Closure value in Revenue reports in Agent Tab.

Expected Closure value data is now fixed for all the reports in Revenue section under the Agent tab.

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