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1. Platinum Lead Tag On Lead Card

2. Accessing Platinum Leads From Dashboard

1. Platinum Lead Tag On Lead Card

For over a year now, we were training and improving our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning models to predict the “platinum” leads for you. This will help sales managers to make better & effective decisions while interacting with the customers.

We have recently rolled out the changes showing ‘Platinum Tag’ on the lead card in Sales Agent Mobile Application, Dashboard, & Call Center.

2. Accessing Platinum Lead From Dashboard

‘Platinum Tag’ on the lead cards will be available on the dashboard. Moreover, you can also filter all the ‘Platinum Leads’ in the Dashboard reports by following the below steps.

I. Login to the dashboard panel & select the report that you want to view.

II.  Click on the ‘Filters/More Filters’ button from Leads/Marketing/Agent report.

III. Navigate to the ‘Lead Type’ section in the sidebar, check the ‘Platinum’ option, & save the changes.

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