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1. Overview

2. Prerequisites for AI Smart Calling

3. Steps to enable/scheduling AI Smart Calling

4. Things to consider before scheduling AI calls

1. Overview

Now turn your cold leads into exciting customers in just a few clicks. ACRM powered by ANAROCK Technology brings you AI-powered smart calling that will elevate your reach by many folds.

This technology empowers you to reach out to all your failed leads in just a few minutes by crafting custom, personalized narratives or scripts that resonate with your potential customers to a whole new level. This script is then turned into a natural persuasive voice that oozes authenticity resulting in a pitch-perfect connection.

Not only this, but our AI model creates custom scripts as per the project details & offers that instantly spark interest among your previously failed leads.

The AI Smartcalling can be executed at any time between 9 AM to 9 PM. 

Sample AI Call:

2. Pre-requisites for AI Smart calling

-> AI smart calling should be integrated into your project.

-> The DID number from Exotel must be blocked for AI smart calling.

-> The DID number must be selected for AI smart calling in the mandate settings.

-> Users with team_lead & above roles have to email to get access to AI Smart Calling.

Steps to select DID Number from mandate settings for AI smart calling

3. Steps To Enable/Schedule AI Smart Calling

I. Login to the Sales Dashboard.

II. Go to the ‘Leads’ tab on the top bar.


- Ensure that you have created a campaign & set the lead flow logic for AI smartcalling from the mandate settings before scheduling the call.

-> Create lead flow with the following details: 

    - Channel: ai

    - Source: ai_smartcalling

    - Sub source: ai_smartcalling

Read More:

-> Steps to Create Campaigns from Mandate Settings

-> Steps to Create Lead Flow Logic from Mandate Settings

III. Click on the ‘AI Smart Calling’ icon as highlighted in the below screenshot. You can also listen to the sample AI call audio by clicking the Play button in the black tooltip.

IV. Choose the project from the dropdown in the popup & click on the continue button.


V. Select the target leads & then click on the ‘Schedule AI Calls’ button at the bottom-right corner.


- You can select the leads from any of the buckets.

- You can click on the ‘Select All’ option present at the bottom-left corner to select all the leads of the particular bucket.

- You can only trigger 1000 AI calls per day during Beta Release.

VI. In the pop-up, add the date & time for scheduling the call. You can check the ‘Schedule AI Calls Now’ option to immediately start the AI calling. Select the ‘Active call time’ option from the dropdown.

VI. Fill in the project details such as locality, amenities, & nearby location along with the offers, pricing, etc. in the ‘Additional Project Details’ (if any).

After adding all the details, click on the ‘Schedule AI Calls’ button to initiate the smart calling.

Mandatory fields-

- Date & Time (This is the time at which our system will initiate the AI Smart Calling).

- Active call time: It is the total call time (including the ringing duration & the call time duration) after which the lead will be moved to the Fresh Bucket so that Sales Agents can claim & proceed. 

- Locality: Address of the project.

- Amenities: Enter the top facilities offered by the project.

- Nearby location: Enter all the top locations nearby the project such as any hospital, railway station, shopping center, etc.

VIII. You will get the success message after scheduling the call.

IX. After scheduling the AI Smart calls, you can check the status from the notification center.

X. You can see the AI Smart calling details on the History of the respective leads.

4. Things To Consider Before Scheduling AI Calls

-> Calls can only be scheduled between 9 AM to 9 PM. Post that calls will not get connected.

-> Calls can only be scheduled for the leads that have made the last inquiry within the last 90 days as per TRAI guidelines.

-> Calls can not be scheduled for leads having DND numbers.

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