Do you require to assign leads inquiries coming from a specific source to flow to the sales team or call the center team? Then, this is the setting you need to configure.

While defining the lead flow logic, you will have 3 major options - Channel, Source, and Sub source.

Note: Channel field is mandatory.

Example: If only the channel is given, irrespective of source and sub source, leads will always go to whatever flow you've maintained.

Flow Type - It could be either Agent App or Call Center,

The last will be the Team selection - which team should receive all the leads,

Note: You can Deactivate an individual lead flow logic defined against a team.

If channel details are given - 

Anything that comes from this channel irrespective of the source and sub source it'll always go to whatever flow you've maintained i.e. call center Or Agent app.


Below is the Channel, Source, and Subsource definition - 

Channel: The medium, pipeline or the platform. These channels need to be setup/configure first in the system. 

Sample channels: sales agent app, csv uploads, online and offline marketing platforms, or aggregation portals like google, hoardings, 99acres.

Source: The origin, some place, or thing which we can pinpoint for determining the lead source. 

Sample sources: google-search, google-ads, hoardings-mumbai, 99acres-classified-ads.

Sub Source: This value if used correctly will help the team to analyse lead sourcing in-depth. It could be a specific place, time period, or kind of a code name to recollect this in the future. 

Sample sub-sources: google-search-property-in-delhi-keyword, google-ads-real-estate-expo, hoardings-delhi-cp-new year, 99acres-classified-ads-premium-july-2020.

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