My Leads: A Desktop View Of The Sales App

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1. My leads overview

2. How to access “My Leads” from the dashboard?

3. Types of leads present in the “My Leads”

4. Using Lead Filters

5. Creating an event with leads

6. Steps to create a new lead from the dashboard

7. Important points to consider

1. My Leads Overview


Anarock has multiple lead generation mechanisms on each project. Considering a Sales Manager has the option to create a lead from the Sales application, a Site registrar (front desk executive) can create a lead using the Site Digitalization (SD) product, and a team lead can upload leads from the dashboard. 


Furthermore, a team lead can see the number of leads a Sales Manager has in his or her bucket. 


My Leads” in the dashboard allow users to see all the leads assigned to them along with an option to create a new lead.


“My Leads” gives the details to users about the leads “Assigned to me” and “Created by me”. Also, the user can now create a new lead from the dashboard using the “Post a Lead” option.


Users with NO dashboard access can see leads assigned to them and also can create a new lead from the dashboard itself.


Note: Dashboard access is not needed. All the access that you have in the Sales app will be visible here.

2. How To Access the “My Leads” Section From The Dashboard?


You can log in to the “My Leads” section using this link- My Leads Login.


Alternatively, you can use the following steps to access “My Leads” from the dashboard.

I. Log in to the “Dashboard” & select the mandates.


II. Click on the “Hamburger” menu at the top left corner.


III. Click on the “My Leads” option in the sidebar.

3. Types Of Leads In The “My Leads” Section

Once the user gets access to “My Leads”, he or she will be able to see leads reflected under 2 categories i.e. “Assigned to me” & “Created by me”.


3.1. Assigned to me

These are the total leads that are assigned to the users.

3.2. Created by me

These are the leads that are created by the user themselves.

Example: Sales Manager created a lead from Sales App.

4. Using Lead Filters


After navigating to “My Leads”, you can use multiple filters to view the right leads from the list of the added leads as per date, time, or events. These filters are accessible for leads on both the categories i.e. “Assigned to me” & “Created by me”.

You can filter the leads based on the following parameters:

- Event Status: Cancelled, done, planned, or missed

- Event Type: Site visits, revisits, follow-ups, in-person F2F, virtual F2F

- Date & Time: As per events or leads received

5. Creating An Event With Leads

“My Leads” gives you the option to create any type of event like Follow-Ups, Face-to-face, or Site Visits with leads assigned to you or created by you.


I. Go to the “My Leads” section.


II. Click on the lead with which you want to create an event. A menu with all the lead details will open on the right side.


III. Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner & then click on “Edit Lead” which will open the lead details.

IV. Scroll down to the “Create New Event” section.


V. Create the event after choosing the event type, date, duration, & note.

VI. Once all the details are added, click on the “Create Event” button.



- “My Leads” only allows you to create events with your leads.

- It takes a few minutes to sync the added events with the leads.

6. Steps To Create A New Lead From The Dashboard

I. Log in to the dashboard & navigate to the “My Leads” section.


II. Click on the “Post a Lead” button.

III. Fill in all the required details & then click on the “Next” button.

- Select the project- Project in which the lead is interested.

- Select the status- Lead should be sent to the Fresh/Claimed bucket.

- Select the Sales Manager- If Status is claimed, then select the Sales Manager to whom you want to assign the lead.

- Customer Phone Number- Enter the lead's phone number.

IV. Add all the lead details & again click on the “Next” button.

V. Select the source & sub-source. After adding the notes, click on the “Done” button to post the lead.

VI. Once the lead is posted successfully, you will receive the confirmation as shown in the below screenshot.

VII. On the successful lead submission, the created lead will start reflecting under the “Created by me” section.

7. Important Points to Consider

I. All the clicks from My Leads will be disabled.

Example: Remove viewer/send for booking approval/change site visit/linked lead failed from the web, etc.


II. If a lead is created from the “Post a lead” and assigned to the Sales Manager, he or she will get a notification on the Sales app.


III. If a lead is created from "Post a lead" and the lead is sent to fresh, Sales Managers with 'lead flow' ON will get the created lead.

IV. Only those sources will be visible on the lead created from the “Post a lead” which is set by the marketing team from the "Create Source Panel".

V. Any user whose employee profile is created can create a lead URL. (no need to be an Agent/Sales Manager or a dashboard user).

VI. The developer/builder profile won't be able to see the post my lead button.

VII. The user won't be able to see fresh leads/cc leads on the View My Leads section.

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