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Navigate to:

1. Overview

2. Lead

2.1. Lead status buckets

2.2. Lead card

2.3. Lead details

3. Filters

3.1. Agent filter

3.2. Preset filter

3.3. More filter

4. Lead search

5. Other options

5.1. Lead transfer

5.2. Push leads

5.3. Create a booking

5.4. Lead dump download

5.5. Lead upload

5.6. Lead Source change


1. Overview

This tab gives all the details about every lead present in the system. This tab also provides us with other functionalities like:

  • Transfer lead
  • Download lead dump
  • Upload leads
  • Multiple filters for data 

2. Lead

2.1. Lead - Status Buckets 

Leads are categorized according to their status; fresh, claimed, interested, meeting done, visit done, final negotiation, booking done, failed, junk, or in the call center.

Note: Lead can belong to only one of these buckets at a time.

2.2. Lead Card  

The lead card displays all the important information for each lead. For more information, click on the lead card to view details.

2.3. Lead Details

  • Lead details can be accessed by clicking on any lead card. 
  • The following information sets can be viewed: 
    • Basic details of a lead.
    • Site visit completed by the lead.
    • Multiple inquiries made by the lead
    • Call logs between lead and sales agent.
    • Complete lead history with all-time events, call logs, inquiries, and actions taken by the agent on the lead..

3. Filters

3.1. Agent Filter 

Leads can be filtered according to agents also. On selecting one or more agent names, the leads belonging to only the selected agent's bucket are displayed. This filter can be applied in combination with other filters as well. 

3.2. Preset Filter

On the tab, preset filters can be used to filter out leads quickly. 

  • In Followup: Lists all the leads with a follow-up event planned for them.
  • Visits Done: Lists all the leads on which the site visit event has been marked as done at least once. 
  • Planned Visits: Lists all the leads on which site visit event is planned. 
  • Qualified so far: Lists all the leads that have been marked interested once. They may be in other buckets currently. 
  • Ignored: Lists all the leads being ignored by agents.

3.3. More Filters


The leads tab also gives more filters to filter out results based on different data points.

4. Lead - Search 

Lead can also be searched individually using the top right-corner search box. Lead can be searched using the name, phone, lead ID, and email ID.

5. Others

5.1. Lead Transfer

  • Leads can be transferred to agents, call centers, or other projects.
  • Click on the transfer button, select the leads to be transferred, and confirm the transfer.
  • Select whom to transfer the lead – agent, call center, or another project.
  • Confirm and transfer gets initiated.
  • Dashboard user receives an email when the transfer is complete.

5.2. Lead Push- Call Center

You can push 1 or multiple leads to the call centers with the “Push Leads” option.

After selecting the agent/s & confirming the push, you have to select the call center campaign, set the priority, & choose the lead push reason from the dropdown.

Note: Leads can not be pushed from the “All” & “Booking Done” buckets.

5.3. Create Booking

Bookings can be created by the team leads from the dashboard by using the “Create Booking” option.

After clicking on the “Create Booking” option, a booking form will open wherein, you have to add the following details:

Lead Details-

- Project

- Name

- Mobile number

- Email

- Co-applicant details (if any)

Agent & Source Details-

- Lead owner

- Lead viewers

- Source Group (Online, Offline, CP, etc.)

- Source

- Sub Source

- Additional Note (if any)

Project & Unit Details-

- Booking date

- Building name

- Building configuration

- Wing Name

- Floor Number 

- Unit Number

- Carpet Area

- Agreement Value 

- Discount / Premium (if applicable)

- Service fee adjustment (if needed- the reason is required)

Fee & Allocations-

- Profit center name

- Allocation details

- Fee share details

5.4. Lead Dump Download 

Using the download option, a CSV file for lead dump, visit dump, or CP self-visit dump for 1 or more projects can be downloaded.

- Lead Dump: All the lead details will be downloaded for the selected projects.

- Visit Dump: All the lead details captured during site visits (from customer self-check-in through SD Portal) will be downloaded for the selected projects.

- CP Self Visits Dump: All the CP details captured during site visits (from CP visits through the SD Portal) will be downloaded for the selected projects.

You have to first select the specific filters to reflect the data accordingly in the downloaded dump.

Please refer offline method to retrieve Lead Dump:

1. Click on "Notification" tab found on top-right corner near Profile.

2. Click on "Data Download" and click on "successful message" under your request.

3. Click "Download File".

Note: If the selected rows are high, the report will be shared on the user’s email.

5.5. Lead Upload 

Using the upload option a CSV file with lead details can be used to upload leads into the system. 

The CSV file needs to be of a specific format, which can also be downloaded using the “Download Sample Format” option. 

Once the CSV file is uploaded, the system gives options to upload the leads to the fresh bucket or to assign them to specific agents.

5.6. Lead Source Change 

Click on a lead which has an event "Visit Done".

Post clicking, navigate to "Visits" section and click "Change"

You will get a pop-up with current Visit Done details.

You can change the 'source' of the lead from the dropdown

You can change the sourcing and closing manager on the lead.

Once you select the changes and click "Change", you will get the OTP pop-up.

  • Note: OTP will be sent to your registered number and email ID only.

You will receive a Success Toast message and you changes will be sync'd within couple of minutes on Dashboard.

For any support on our products, please reach out to support@anarock.com

For any feedback, please reach out to tech-feedback@anarock.com

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