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Agent Report 

This is to monitor the agent's performance. 

The reports have been divided into - 

1. Leads Received, 

2. Calls Activity, 

3. Activity,

4. Revenue,

5. Performance(WIP).

Important Terminology 

  • WIP (Work In Progress) Leads - Claimed + Interested + Meeting Done + Visit Done + Final Negotiation.
  • Project selection - Choose multiple projects based on city or developer.
  • Three types of date-time filter to apply from: lead claimed by agent or call start time or individually column based. 
  • More Filters gives you advance functionality to filter the report.
  • Total Bookings and the Sale value generated from these units booked.
  • Expected closures and sales pipeline.

1. Leads Received 

  • This section shows number of leads received by an Agent, all-time.
  • How many of them are in Work In Progress, Ignored, In Failed, In Junk, etc...
  • Leads with at-least one booking will come in “In Booking Done” state.

Leads Received - Choose Project

  • You can select one, multiple, or All City projects at once and the report will be customized accordingly.
  • Also, you have option to select one, more or all Developer grouped projects.

Leads Received - Agents Filter 

  • Select one or more agents to check their performance using Agents filter. 

Leads Received - Time Range(lead_received) Filter 

  • Note - Time Range(lead_received) is applied on the lead received or claimed by agent.
  • By default you'll see all time data i.e. lead received or claimed by an agent.
  • Note - You can refer to the Time Range Filters doc for detailed information on Time Range and More Filters.

Leads Received - Rows Filter

  • You can select the Rows and customize the report.
  • For an Instance, if you are interested to see the Project, Team, Agent, Channel Group, Channel, Source, Sub source or Placement. 

Leads Received - Columns Filter

  • You can select or deselect one or multiple columns.
  • Report will be customized and will be available based on the selected Columns. 

Leads Received - Columns 


Real estate specific calls/queries. 

Leads with an appropriate real estate reason will come in failed category.

Example - 

Project - Interested in other property, Wrong locality. 

Finance - Budget mismatch, Home loan issue.

BHK Mismatch - Configuration didn't match. 

Lost Interest - Delayed due to Corona Virus. (Agent can mark the lead failed and management will get the report with the selected reason and rechurn them).

Non-real-estate specific calls/queries.

Leads with non real state specific reason will come in Junk Category.

Leads who are not looking for the property at all.

Example - 

A person called the number accidentally OR didn't inquire for the property at all.

Scrap - The agent can select the reason from scrap if it's a non real state specific call and it'll show up in Junk category.

Leads Received - Columns(In Failed or Junk) 

A Few Key Points - 

  • Leads which are currently in failed or junk state.
  • If an agent marks the lead as failed and selects a reason from scrap, that lead will go to junk.
  • Higher the junk leads percentage, less is the quality of leads from various campaigns.
  • Failed leads can be re-churned (contacted again) later for conversion.
  • We don't give agents the option to mark the lead as failed or junk. Reason being, agent will always mark the lead junk saying that lead quality isn't good. 
  • So, based on the reason an agent chooses from Sales app, system will mark the lead as Failed or Junk.

Leads Received - Columns Filter 

  • In Claimed for more than than 3 days - Leads which are in Claimed bucket for more than 3 days and didn't move to another bucket.
  • In Interested for more than 7 days and no SV planned - Leads which are in Interested bucket for more than 7 days and still no Site Visit(SV) is planned.
  • In Visit Done for more than 14 days and no revisit Planned - Leads on which Site visit is done and it's been 14 days, there's no revisit planned.

    We show these alert metrics for sales agents & team leads to take action promptly on these leads. 

Leads Received - More Filters 

  • You can filter the data based on your requirement from "More Filters" option.
  • Note - You can refer to the Time Range Filters doc for detailed information on Time Range and More Filters.

Leads Received - More Filters 

  • You can select an appropriate Lead source & get the customized report.
  • You want to extract the data based on Lead Journey - New Leads in system or Transferred from failed or Transferred from junk and progress afterwards on those leads.

2. Calls Activity 

  • Calls Activity report shows all the calls activities i.e. Calls Attempted, Outgoing Successful Calls, Outgoing Call connection percentage.
  • Detailed records with call duration like 5-10 sec, 31-1 min and more than 1 min outgoing calls. 

Calls Activity - Time Range(call) 

  • Time Range (call) is applied on the call.
  • Note - You can refer to the Time Range Filters doc for detailed information on Time Range and More Filters. 

Calls Activity - Rows Filter 

  • You can select or deselect the Rows and can extract the report i.e. Project, Team and Agent wise.

Calls Activity - Columns Filter

  • Calls Attempted - Total number of calls attempted by an agent.
  • Outgoing Successful Calls - Calls duration which are more than 5 secs. 
  • Outgoing Calls Connection Percentage - Outgoing successful calls / calls attempted.
  • Calls Received - Total number of answered and missed received calls from a lead. 

3. Activity 

  • This section gives you in-depth information about agent's performance, team and project.

    For example - Site Visits, F2F, Followups, Bookings, etc...

Activity - Time Range(Individual)

  • Time Range(individual) is applied on individual columns.
  • Note - You can refer to the Time Range Filters doc for detailed information on Time Range and More Filters.

Activity - Rows & Columns Filter 

  • To see the Project and Team wise report of an agent select from Rows. 
  • Select Columns next to the rows filter - 
  • All Visits - Total number of Visits actually planned. Out of which some might have done, or missed/cancelled or planned for future date. 
  • Visits Planned - Number of visits planned for future.
  • All Followups - Total number of Followups Done, Planned, Missed and Cancelled. 
  • Successful call on leads - Number of leads with at-least one successful call.
  • Attempted Call on Leads - Number of leads with at-least one call attempted either successful or unsuccessful.

Activity - Columns Filter 

  • All Virtual F2Fs - You can get the total number of virtual Face2Face(F2F) meetings which were planned, how many of them were done, missed and cancelled.
  • All In Person F2Fs - The same column set is available for In person Face2Face(F2F) meetings. 

4. Revenue 

  • This report shows the business done in past (Sale Value Generated) & Business Expected in coming days i.e. Sales pipeline, Expected closures. 

Revenue - Time Range(Individual) 

  • Time Range(Individual) is applied on individual columns. 
  • Note - You can refer to the Time Range Filters doc for detailed information on Time Range and More Filters.

Revenue - Rows & Columns Filter 

  • Select or deselect the Rows and get the report based on Project, Team and agent. 
  • Select Columns next to Rows, and custom-built the report.

A few Columns and their definition - 

  • Sales Value Generated - Total sales value generated from all the bookings done or units purchased by customers.
    Note - 
    Partial payment will not be considered in this field. Example - Token amount.

  • Hot Expected Closure Count - Leads in final negotiation bucket and "expected timeline to buy" field value is within selected time range. 
    Example - 
    If the lead has given the timeline to purchase the Unit. You'll have that leads count in this column.
  • Hot Sales Pipeline - Total amount in pipeline based on the amount declared by the lead which is in Hot expected closure count column. (it takes the min value from the revenue range added).
    Example - 
    If the lead has defined the budget 50-70L, Hot Sales Pipeline will be 50L.

  • Cold Expected Closure Count - Leads which are in claimed, interested, meeting done or Visit done, and "expected timeline to buy" field value is within selected time range.
    Example - 
    If the lead has given the timeline to purchase the Unit.

  • Cold Sales Pipeline - Total amount in pipeline considering cold expected closure. 

5. Performance (WIP) 

  • This data will give insights on events planned on Work In Progress (WIP) leads. Also, look out for hot, warm & cold rated leads and ignored count.. 
  • You can select one, multiple or All City projects from choose project and can see the WIP. 
  • You can even select one, multiple, or All Developer.

Performance (WIP) - Time Range(lead_received) 

  • Time Range(lead_received) is applied on the lead received in the system.
  • You can select a time range from presets or even select a custom time range.
    Note - You can refer to the Time Range Filters doc for detailed information on Time Range and More Filters.

Performance (WIP) - Rows & Columns Filter

  • You can check for the Project, Team & Agent wise performance.
  • Select Columns next to Rows filter, and custom-built the report based on the selected columns. 

A few Columns definition


  • Lead rating is the flexible attribute which can be used by sales team to determine customer's willingness to purchase the property.
  • It can be used howsoever your organisation decides. 
  • A few examples which some of the clients are using it are: 

Client 1If lead is going to close the deal within 7 days. Actively looking to buy the property.If a lead is going to close the deal within 15 days.There is no surety, when deal will be closed.
Client 2Lead is highly interested and came for site visit.

Lead is partially interested (~50% chances). Interested but doesn't have clarity for the next visit or not responding further. 

Lead is not responding at all. Lead is comparing with other projects and will take time to buy.

Download the Report 

You can download the reports from any section of the Agent tab i.e. Leads received, Calls Activity, Activity, Revenue & Performance (WIP).

Note - Report will be downloaded in a CSV file format. and you will see the data based on the selected Project, Team, Agent, rows, columns, etc... 

Important Points -

  • Activity and Sales Value generated report use cases.
  • Team-wise activity breakdown of number of visits done in quarter 1st and 2nd.
  • Compare agent performance for last week.
  • Project-wise performance of sale value generated in the last quarter.
  • How much business is expected in the next month? 
  • Leads received and WIP report.
  • What happened to leads received by agents in the month of March via Facebook ads campaign because these were expensive? 
  • What happened to the leads uploaded via csv from old database?, etc...

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