Project Dashboard Release 28.02.2020

Modified on Thu, 10 Aug 2023 at 01:09 PM

Features added:

Bug Fixes:

Features Added:


1. Tooltips on column headers for all Agent category reports. 

Under Agent Tab, when user hover the mouse cursor on header column, informative text will appear which explains about the hovered column.

Example: As shown in the picture below, when user comes on F2F Planned column with mouse cursor, “tooltip” shows up the informative text i.e. “Number of face-to-face meetings planned”.

Note: Users will only see mouse hover and focus on action on header column (Tap/Click on a particular column header will sort the data).

2. CP (channel partner) or CC (call center agent) tag will be displayed along with profile name, if the role is Agent and profile type added is either of CP or CC.

CP (channel partner) or CC (call center) agent tag will be displayed along with agent name to differentiate between a sales manager, CP and CC agent.

Example: Tarun - CP or Amit  - CC.

i.    CC (Call Center) tag is added next to the agent name.

ii.    CP (Channel Partner) tag is added next to the agent name.

Bug Fixes:


1.    Lead names are visible along with the total counts.

On Leads tab, users will see agent name with respective counts. 

Note: If user apply “event” or “call type” from More Filter, total counts will not be visible. Hence, there is no context of associating agent with lead or event yet.

i.    Agent name with respective counts.

ii.    Click on “More Filters”.

iii.    Select “Event Type” or “Call Type”. In the picture below, only Event Type is selected.

iv.    Total counts are hidden on selection of “Site Visit” from “Event Type”.

2. Year is visible along with Date, Month and Time.

    Under the Leads Tab, Year field has been added.

i.    Click on History.

ii.    User can see Year along with Date, Month and Time from Lead History Tab.

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