This feature allows us to link different leads from the same customer. This could be possible in scenarios where the same customer uses different mobile numbers to inquire about a project or someone from his or her family does an inquiry. Hence, in any such case multiple leads will be created.

Leads which belong to the same customer can be linked together from the Dashboard 

How to link to leads?

Leads can be linked from the dashboard. On the Dashboard, under leads tab, search for the lead that needs to linked to another lead. Click on the lead to open the lead details tab follow the steps mentioned in the figure below.


Note: Leads being linked together must belong to the same project. This feature will not work for leads from different projects, but same mandate.
Also, the leads to be linked together must be WIP i.e. should have status as claimed, interested, meeting done, visit done or final negotiation

Who can link leads?


Leads can be linked from the dashboard only by super users or assignment owners. 

Who will own the lead?

    The sales manager selected while linking the primary lead will now own the lead. The other sales manager becomes the viewer of the lead on the sales app.

How the leads details and history will be affected?

If two leads are linked, only the mobile number from the secondary lead will be added as a second contact number for primary lead.

Also, all future events will be cancelled from the secondary lead. The status of the secondary lead will be visible as linked on the dashboard.

How and where both the leads will be accessible after linkage?

On the dashboard, primary lead will be visible as usual according to its status under leads tab but secondary lead will only be visible under 'ALL' on leads tab, tagged as 'Linked'

On the Sales app, the primary lead will be visible to the owner of the lead and he'll be able to take action.  

The primary lead will be accessible to the other sales manager as a viewer. He/she will not be able to take any action.

The secondary lead can be accessed from the lead details screen of the primary lead.

The sales managers will also receive notifications on their mobile devices and Sales app.

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