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1. Steps to go to the overview section

2. Spend summary

3. Lead summary

4. Lead distribution 

5. Daily summary

6. Cumulative metrics

1. Steps to go to the Overview Section

To view the 'Overview' section, click on Overview in the list of options in the left-hand side panel of the Marketing Dashboard. The URL of the dashboard would vary depending on your company.

2. Spend Summary

The cards in this section provide data on:

  • Spends: Overall marketing spends for the project so far, against all sources. 
  • CPL: Cost per lead, which is the price paid to the digital source for each lead that's successfully generated, regardless of how many impressions and clicks the online campaign may have garnered.
  • CPQL: Cost associated with each qualified lead. Any lead that has been claimed and moved to Interested, Meeting Done, Visit Done, Negotiation, or Booking Done is considered a Qualified Lead. This also includes leads that have been moved to Failed after traversing through any of these buckets. 
  • CPSV: Cost associated with leads who have had a Site Visit. 
  • CPB: Cost per booking is the cost associated with leads that have closed the deal and procured the property.

A bar on each card shows a day-wise break up of spends for that category.

3. Lead Summary

The cards in this section provide data on:

  • Leads: The overall number of leads generated through marketing channels.
  • Qualified leads: Leads that have been in either Interested, Meeting done, Visit done, Final negotiation, or Booking done buckets. It includes leads that have Failed after having been part of any of these buckets.
  • Visits done: Number of leads that have had site visits scheduled and marked as done. If a lead has had multiple site visits, the count here would still be 1 (representing the number of leads with site visits and not a number of visits).
  • Bookings: Number of leads that have successfully been moved to Booking Done.
  • Lead to Qualification: Percentage of overall leads that could be categorized as Qualified.
  • Lead to Visit Done: Percentage of overall leads that have had successful Site Visits.
  • Visits to Booking Done: Percentage of Leads with successful Site Visits that have been moved to Booking Done.

You can click on any card to view an expanded image of the same, and hover over individual bars to view the number of leads for that day in the past, for that category.

4. Lead Distribution

This section shows the number of leads in the project, present in each of the 8 buckets: Fresh, Claimed, Interested, Visit Done, Final Negotiation, Failed, Junk, and Call Centre.

5. Daily Summary

The cards in this section provide data on:

  • dqleads: A day-wise break-up of Qualified leads for the project.
  • dsvdone: A day-wise break-up of Site Visits done for the project.
  • dbookings: A day-wise break-up of Bookings done for the project.

The number you see next to the card's name (for example, dqleads - 0.00) represents the metric for today.

Just like the cards in spend and lead summary, clicking on an individual card magnifies it, and hovering over individual bars provides details of the metric for each day, with the date shown as well.

6. Cumulative Metrics

Cumulative metrics add on to each day's metrics and show the final value on each card.

The cards in this section provide data on:

  • cumm cpl: Cumulative cost incurred per lead so far in the project.
  • cumm cpql: Cumulative cost associated with each qualified lead so far in the project.
  • cumm cps: Cumulative cost associated with Site Visits so far in the project.

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