Lead Card, Lead Journey, & Lead Failure

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Navigate to:

1. Lead flow between tabs as per live status

2. Lead card

2.1. Moving the lead card to different buckets

2.2. Schedule or edit an event with the lead

2.3. Reach out to any lead through WhatsApp or an audio call

3. How to fail a lead?

1. Lead Flow Within Sales App 

The journey of the lead through various buckets within the Sales application is the lead flow. As leads move to various buckets, their status will be updated in the dashboard & other related applications in real time.


Note: This is a generic flow of a lead. Depending upon the status, you can move the lead to any of the applicable buckets.

Check out this video to learn the quick steps to move any lead to different buckets as per the lead status.


2. Lead Card

The lead card is a summary of the lead that includes details like name, project, lead type, & an option for moving the lead from one bucket to another depending upon its status. Additionally, you will get options to schedule an event, WhatsApp the lead, & call the lead over the phone.

2.1. Moving The Lead Card To Various Buckets

  1. Click on the arrow.

  2. Choose from the various buckets to which you want to move the lead.

  3. Fill out the lead form & click on submit.

Interested- Leads that show their interest in the property.

Meeting Done- Face-to-face or virtual meeting with the lead is completed.

Visit Done- Lead has visited the property (lead also gets the option for a virtual visit).

Final Negotiation- The lead is negotiating after completing the visits & confirming the property.

Booking Done- The booking with the lead is closed.


2.2. Schedule or edit an event with a lead

  1. Click on the calendar icon

  2. Click on ‘Schedule a new Event’.

  3. You can now schedule Follow Up, Face-to-face, & site visits with the lead.

2.3. Reach out to your lead through WhatsApp or with an audio call

  1. Click on the ‘WhatsApp icon’ on the lead card. It will redirect you to WhatsApp, & you will be able to send the message.

  2. Click on the ‘Phone icon’ on the lead card.

3. How To Fail A Lead? 

In the Sales application, you can also move the lead to the Failed bucket so that agent cannot connect with the failed leads in the near future. Once the lead is marked as Failed, it will not appear in the Sales application.

Steps to fail a lead

  1. Click on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the lead card.

  2. Click on the ‘Failed’ option from the pop-up.

  3. Select the appropriate reason for failing the lead. Also, you have to add your comments for the same.

  4. The lead will be marked as failed & it will not appear in the Sales Application.

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