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1. About Vendor Access

2. How To Generate Links For Vendors

3. Additional Notes

1. Vendor Access

Now, you can filter leads on the basis of the project, channel, source, sub-source, date range and then give access to the vendor by creating a custom link.

The vendor will be able to access all the leads (for one or different assignments) from the shared link along with lead status, qualification, site visit status, and notes.

2. How to generate links for vendors?

I. Login to the Marketing Panel.

II. Select the ‘Assignment’ from the dropdown.


III. Navigate to the ‘Vendor Access’ under the ‘Tools’ in the left sidebar.


IV. Click on the ‘Create New Vendor Access’.


V. A pop-up will appear. Add the following details and click on the ‘Save’ button to generate the Vendor Access link.

  • Vendor Name & Project.

  • Channel- Name of the channel. E.g: online, offline.

  • Source- Name of the source. E.g: 99acres, Magicbricks, Facebook.

  • Subsource- Name of the sub-source. E.g. Leadgen (for Facebook), search_ri (for Google).

  • Start Date & End Date.

  • Link Expiry Date- The vendor access link will be disabled after this date.


VI. Click on the ‘View’ option in the created vendor from the table. It will direct you to the new tab. Copy the link & share it with the vendor.


Please Note: You can also edit the details by clicking on the ‘Pencil’ icon and delete the link by clicking on the ‘Bin’ icon.

3. Additional Notes

I. This report is based on the first inquiry data. If the lead shared by the vendor is already present in the system, it will not be shown here.

II. Leads from the selected Start Date and End Date will only reflect in the report. Keeping the start date and end date blank will consider all-time data.

III. Select 'all' in segments if you don't want to filter that segment. For example, if you wish to share leads where the source is 'google' then select 'all' projects, 'all' channels, 'google' source, and 'all' subsources.

IV. You can create the same vendor multiple times in an assignment.

V. Vendors having the same name across different assignments will have the same link and will be able to view all assignment leads.

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