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1. Overview

2. Prerequisites for WhatsApp Remarketing

3. Steps for WhatsApp Remarketing Campaign Setup

4. Important Things To Know

1. Overview

We are thrilled to announce that WhatsApp Remarketing has now been integrated into the Marketing Panel! This powerful advancement is set to revolutionize the way you do remarketing to your potential customers. 

We have integrated Wati.io API on our marketing panel that allows you to create & send personalized campaigns through WhatsApp. With WhatsApp Remarketing, you can target your audience directly on one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. This means more direct and meaningful interactions, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Here's what you can do:

- Create custom segments of your leads

- Retarget leads on WhatsApp with personalized templates

- Create custom WhatsApp templates with text, images, or videos

- Schedule your WhatsApp campaigns as required

2. Prerequisites For WhatsApp Remarketing Setup

I. Pro Wati Account

II. Sufficient credits in your Wati account

III. WhatsApp message template creation & approval on Wati

3. Setting Up WhatsApp Remarketing Campaign

I. Login to the Digital Panel.

II. Select the assignment from the dropdown.

III. Click on the ‘WhatsApp’ option under the Assignments section.

IV. Click on the ‘Create New WhatsApp Campaign’ button.

V. Add the campaign details as shown in the below image:

Campaign Details are:

- Name: Add the name of the remarketing campaign

- Status: make the campaign active

- Portal: Enter the name of the portal (Wati)

- Segments: Choose the segment from the dropdown.


- Ensure that you have previously created the segments in the Marketing Panel.

Steps to create segments on the Marketing Panel

VI. Login to your Wati account.

VII. After login, add ‘api-docs’ at the end of the URL.

Example: If your login URL is https://live-11407.wati.io/ then modify it with https://live-11407.wati.io/api-docs


VIII. Copy the "Access Token" from Wati APIs for Whatsapp as shown in the screenshot.

IX. Paste the API Token & the URL in the Marketing Panel as shown below.

X. Choose the Template name from the dropdown, define variables, add the Broadcast name, and schedule the campaign.

XI. Click on the Save Changes button in the marketing panel after adding all the details.

XII. Once your campaign is sent, you can check the stats of your campaign by navigating to the Broadcast History on the Wati website.

4. Important Things To Know

- Ensure that you have already created and got approval for the template on your Wati account. 

- Thoroughly verify the copied URL & API Token on the Marketing Panel.

- You will not be able to see templates on the marketing panel if you have added an incorrect URL or API Token. 

For any support on our products, please reach out to support@anarock.com

For any feedback, please reach out to tech-feedback@anarock.com

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