1-Click Facebook Business Page Integration

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1. Overview

2. Steps to integrate the Facebook business page

3. Important things to know

1. Overview

We have just released one of the most anticipated features of the marketing panel.

Introducing an effortless way of integrating Facebook Business Pages to capture all your leads. Say goodbye to the old, complicated methods of integrating Facebook Pages.

This feature lets you integrate Facebook Business Pages in just a few clicks. 

Apart from the existing business pages, any new pages that you will create in the future will also be integrated automatically, saving you time like never before.

2. Steps To Integrate Facebook Pages

I. The SPOC from the ACRM team will share the integration link with PAGE OWNER.

II. PAGE OWNER has to log in to Facebook account in browser.

Note: Please log in with the account that has access to your Facebook Business Page.

III. Open the shared link by the SPOC from the ACRM team in your browser.

IV. Click on the Continue button in the popup.

Note: If you have logged in with an account that does not have access to your Facebook Business page, then click on the ‘Login to another account’ option as shown in the below screenshot.

V. Choose the ‘Opt in to all current & future pages’ or ‘Opt In To Current Pages’ option as required.

a. Opt In To All Current & Future Pages

-> This option gives access to all the current pages along with all the pages that you will create in the future to ANAROCK CRM.

-> You do not have to go through the entire integration process if you create any new Facebook page in the future with this process.

b. Opt In To Current Pages Only

-> With this option, you have to select all the respective pages that you want to integrate with ANAROCK CRM.

-> You have to follow the integration process every time you create a new page in the future if you are selecting this option.

VI. Click on the ‘Continue’ button after selecting the respective 'Opt in' options.

VII. Click on the ‘Save’ button to complete the integration process.

Note: Once the integration is completed, add a test lead to check the integration with ACRM.

3. Important Things To Know

I. Ensure that you are logged in to your Facebook account which has access to all your Facebook business pages.

II. A Page has to be in either of the categories:  Default access or Custom Access wt Leadgen CRM added. Below are examples of the same.

Default Access

Custom Access - with Leadgen CRM

If custom access is not required, please "Restore Default Access" and re-try integration link again.

III. For re-authentication requests given by ACRMplease click "Edit Previous Settings" as shown in below screenshot and proceed to follow the above steps again.

III. It is recommended to select 'Opt in to all current and future pages' while integrating your account. This will save all the hassle of redoing the integration in case you create new Facebook Business Pages in the future.

III. Once the integration is completed, add a test lead in the Facebook Form to check the integration with ACRM.

For any support on our products, please reach out to support@anarock.com

For any feedback, please reach out to tech-feedback@anarock.com

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