Facebook platform is extensively used by any industry to market their product, target potential customers, it assists to analyze campaigns expenditure, and conversion ratio. Furthermore, helps to reach a broad audience and lands you more leads.

Since it's a prolific platform for all business operations. Any firm will have a plan to spend a certain amount with Facebook advertisements and expect a large lead generation.

Now, let's understand How to integrate Anarock's Marketing Panel with the Facebook platform?

Once, integration will be completed, Marketing panel will give dedicated report on leads generated and real-time spend against all the active campaigns.

In this section, we will cover:

Creating campaigns for real-time Spends Tracking: 

  • Adding Facebook Business Account id in panel.
  • Creating online campaign in marketing panel.
  • Generating Hash key.
  • Appending generated hash key in the campaign running in Facebook platform.

To pull leads in marketing panel generated from campaigns:

  • Adding Leadgen form.
  • Creating "manual id" used in Leadgen form.
  • Creating a Sub source from the lead panel.

The account is principally managed by the digital marketer in any firm.

How to track real-time spend against a campaign running in Facebook?

Adding Facebook Business Account Id:

i. Project selection and go to Configuration:

To add the account details, click on the configuration from the left panel and enter the account details.

ii. Add Facebook business account Id:

Enter the Account Id and save.

Create a campaign and generate an API key:

i. Click on Create Campaign.

 ii. Channel - Online

     Source - Facebook

     Sub Source - leadgen_ri_reana (Sub Source associated with the campaign)

Using Auto-generated Hashtag Spends Key for Facebook:

For spends integration to be completed correctly, this hashtag spends key will need to be added after the name of the corresponding Facebook campaign on FB Business Manager.


Post completion of all these steps, spends will automatically start flowing in the marketing panel.

Steps to pull leads in marketing panel generated from campaign?

Adding Facebook Leadgen Form.

i. To add a Leadgen Form, select Leadgen from left navigation and click on Add Leadgen Form.

 ii. You will see a dialog box with the following details listed.

Acquaint yourself with terminologies:


  • Page name: The name of your Facebook business page.
  • Form Name: The form created by you in Facebook business page.
  • Campaign Id: The "manual id" can be created from mandate settings under the Campaigns section.
  • Sub Source: The Sub source associated with a campaign.
  • How to create campaign Id?

          For Exmaple: facebook-campaign-d6

Go to mandate settings in dashboard -> project -> campaigns -> type the name of an integration key (refer the screenshot below).




If Sub source details aren't populated in the list. New Source / Sub source can be created from lead panelSave the changes when the page and correlated details are filled in.

How to Access Lead panel?

Click on "PORTALS" and you will be redirected to lead panel. Create Sub source / source, whenever required.


Or, you can create it from campaign section. Refer to the screenshot below:

Click on CAMPAIGNS from left navigation.

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