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2. How to access Source Wise report?

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1. Source Wise Reports

This article caters to comprehensive source-wise reports pertaining to leads received, spends, qualified leads, analysis like; cost per lead, cost per site visit, and a lot more.

All the online/offline activities and campaigns for lead generation elevate to better lead conversion. Whenever you run ad campaigns targeting multiple sources like - Facebook, Google, and portals like; 99 acres, housing, magicbricks, etc.

To extract the reports and do further analysis, you would need a tool or panel which gives you broader access to reports based on sources tagged along with a campaign.

Source wise section in the Marketing panel serves the same purpose. You will get insights about a campaign's health by looking into the leads received, conversion ratio, cost per lead, cost per site booking, and much more.

In addition, quick filters are available to customize the report as per your need and download the report, if required.

Note: You can apply or remove filters to narrow down or broaden your search criteria.

2. How to access Source Wise report?

The source-wise report allows you to view metrics segregated based on sources and sub-sources. To check the source-wise report, click on ‘Source Wise’ under the Reports section in the left sidebar of the marketing dashboard.

3. Source Wise Report- Filters

You can configure your report by using the options present on the upper left-hand side of the reporting interface.

The option to download the report is available on the upper right-hand side of the viewport.

4. View Reports On The Sales Dashboard

We have added a ‘View on Dashboard’ button on Source Wise Report which will redirect you to the same report on the Sales Dashboard. The report on the Sales Dashboard will give you quick results when compared to the Source Wise report on the digital panel. The data on the Sales Dashboard will also be updated quickly for giving you fast insights.

Please note: 

- You will be redirected to the Source Wise report on the dashboard with the ‘Last Week’ data as a default selection.

- All the respective projects linked to the assignments selection in the marketing panel will be selected by default.

- No other filters will be selected for the reports on the dashboard apart from the linked assignments.

- We will soon deactivate all the reports from the digital panel.

5. Source Wise Reports- Terminologies

Here's a summary of the columns available in the report:




Name of the channel (defined in mandate setting while creating campaign_id/integration_key)

Channel_typeOnline, offline, CP, referral, and others
ProjectThe project defined in the mandate in the mandate setting


Name of the source. E.g: 99acres, magicbricks, Facebook.


Name of the sub-source. E.g. Leadgen (for Facebook), search_ri (for Google).


Revenue spent for the specific sub-source.


Number of leads.


The cost associated with each lead.


Number of qualified leads.


The cost associated with each qualified lead.


Percentage of overall leads that were Qualified.

(Qualified Leads/ Total Leads)*100


Total number of to be qualified leads.

Total leads - (Qualified by CC + Qualified by Sales + Failed including Junk)


Number of site visits done.


The cost associated with each site visit.

SV Rate

Percentage of overall qualified leads with site visits.


Number of bookings done.


Cost associated with each booking.


Number of leads categorized as Hot.


Number of leads categorized as Warm.


Number of Qualified leads not in failed/junk/booking status.


Number of active site visits.


Number of leads in the failed bucket.


Number of leads junked.


Number of leads presently in the Claimed bucket.


Number of leads presently in the Fresh bucket.


Number of leads presently in the Final Negotiation stage.

Note - Spends data will not be available if you add a 'channel' in the report. Spends only have the following columns - assignment, project, channel_type, source, and sub-source.

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