To generate a report for campaigns running through Google, select Google from the list of options in the left hand side panel.

You can either generate a default report with a list of all campaigns running through Google or select specific reporting properties from the upper left hand side of the reporting interface.

To download the report, select the option on the upper right hand side of the screen.

Here's a list of available columns and their description:

CampaignName of the campaign.
AdGroupName of the AdGroup, as in the Google system.
SpendsRevenue spent.
LeadsNumber of leads generated.
CPLCost associated with each generated lead.
Number of qualified leads.
CPQLCost associated with each qualified lead.
Percentage of overall leads considered Qualified.
TBQNumber of leads yet to be Qualified (presently in the Fresh and Claimed buckets, or with call centre)
SVDoneNumber of site visits done.
CPSVCost associated with each site visit.
BookedNumber of bookings done.
CPBCost associated with each booking.
HotNumber of leads rated as Hot.
WarmNumber of leads rated as Warm.
CurrInterestedNumber of leads presently in the Interested bucket.
FailedNumber of failed leads.
JunkNumber of junked leads.
ClaimedNumber of leads presently in the Claimed bucket.
FreshNumber of leads presently in the Fresh bucket.
FinalNegotiationNumber of leads presently in the Final Negotiation stage.