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 Miscellaneous Section - 
  • CSV Uploads

Referrals Section - 
  • Referrals

Important Terminologies 

  • Channel Group: The medium or pipeline or the platform e.g. sales agent app, online/offline marketing platforms(google, 99acre, hoarding etc), csv uploads etc.
  • Source: The origin where we can pin-point for determining the lead source. e.g google search, google ads, hoarding-thane, 99-acre-classified ads.
  • Sub-Source: Specific source which helps to analyse lead sourcing in-depth. e.g google-search-property-in-delhi-keyword, google-ads-real-estate-expo etc.
  • Channel Group: Lead sources arranged or classified in a group according to shared behaviour or characteristic. These are derived values and cannot be customised. Channel partner, Direct walkin, Digital, Offline and Others - these are the 5 Mutually Exclusive Channel Groups. Example: google-search, google-ads are online sources, thus they fall in Digital channel group.
  • Referral: Lead has at-least one inquiry or event with referral details.
  • Failed Leads: The leads that are no longer looking for a property but the reason for failing the lead was related to real estate. e.g. delayed due to lockdown, interested in some other project etc. There leads can be rechurned if and when needed.
  • Junk Leads: Non-realestate calls and enquires. e.g. wrong number, not interested/frustrated customers.

Miscellaneous Tab

  • This section covers reports around the CSV leads uploaded in the mandate. You can get useful insights to know the quality of data that was uploaded in the mandate and accordingly plan future actions.You can see a bifurcation of the reports based on the source of the lead as selected while uploading the CSV. 
  • This way you know from which source you got the data and what is the quality of the leads from each source. 
  • There are around 22 different column values that you can look at in these reports like, lead received, interested so far, visits so far, booking done, sent to call center, etc...
  • You can also look at various conversion percentages lead to interested %, lead visit %, lead to junk %, etc. This can be selected from the column filter on the top right corner of the page. 


1. Time Range (lead)filter: Select the time range of the lead from the preset options or apply custom range of time to see the required data. 


2. More Filter: You can select multiple filters from here like Lead source, Date and time and junk fail leads. 

Lead source: Filter data on basis of the channel group, channels, source, and sub-source.

Date and Time: Select time range based on event time, lead received time, call received time, call made the time, or marked as (status of lead). 

Note - You can refer to the solution article for detailed knowledge on Time filters.

Referrals Tab 

  • This section covers all the useful insights regarding the referrals data in the mandate. 
  • You can look at details like how many leads have been received through referrals, bookings that have been done visits data, and finally, the failed leads data as well by modifying the column values from the dropdown. 


    You can apply multiple filters to modify this report according to your personal use case.

1. Time Range (lead) filter: Select the time range of the lead from the preset options or apply custom range of 

    time to see the required data. 


2. Time Filter: Same as previous reports you can apply Time Range Filter to modify the report according to your requirements. Here also you have the option to select from Preset values or customize as per the requirement.

3. More Filters: Same as the previous report you can apply a time filter based on the Event scheduled or Lead received date and time. 

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