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1. How to access Facebook report?

2. Filters- Facebook report

3. Terminologies- Facebook report

1. How to access Facebook Report? 

The Facebook report allows you to check all the metrics related to Facebook. To report on campaigns running through Facebook, click on the Facebook option in the left-hand side panel.

On the left-hand side of the screen, select the properties of your report.

2. Filters- Facebook Report

You can choose to download your report by selecting the option on the upper right-hand side of the screen.


3. Terminologies for Facebook Report

Here's a description of the columns you can include in your report:

CampaignName of the campaign, as mentioned in the source.
AdSetName of the ad set.
SpendsRevenue spent on the specific ad set.
LeadsNumber of leads generated.
CPLThe cost associated with each generated lead.
Number of qualified leads.
CPQLThe cost associated with each qualified lead.
QRatePercentage of overall leads qualified.

(Qualified leads) / (Total leads - TBQ) 

Number of leads yet to be qualified (presently in Claimed and Fresh buckets).
SVDoneNumber of site visits done.
CPSVThe cost associated with each site visit.
SVRatePercentage of overall qualified leads with site visits.
BookedNumber of bookings done.
CPBThe cost associated with each booking.
HotNumber of leads rated as Hot.
WarmNumber of leads rated as Warm.
CurrInterestedNumber of Qualified leads not in failed/junk/booking status.
SVDone+Number of active site visits.
FailedNumber of failed leads.
JunkNumber of junked leads.
ClaimedNumber of leads presently in the Claimed bucket.
FreshNumber of leads presently in the Fresh bucket.
FinalNegotiationNumber of leads presently in the Final Negotiation stage.
Video_viewNumber of people who have viewed your video
PostNumber of posts associated with the campaign.
FB_Pixel_LeadNumber of leads tracked by Facebook pixel firing on the website.
CommentNumber of comments on the campaign.
LeadgenOtherOther leadgen events.
Post_ReactionNumber of total reactions to the campaign.
Landing_Page_ViewNumber of landing page views.
Link_ClickNumber of clicks on the tracking link.
Page_EngagementNumber of interactions with the page (likes, comments, reactions, shares, & others).
Post_EngagementNumber of interactions with the post (likes, comments, reactions, shares, & others).
ImpressionsNumber of times the campaign is viewed.

Note - Spends data will not be available if you add a 'channel' in the report. Spends only have the following columns - assignment, project, channel_type, source, and sub source.

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