Planning a marketing or media activity drives to a successful business. It' always good to create blueprint of any marketing or media plan, decide a certain budget, set an expectation in terms of; expected result from these active activities and this helps you out to do further analysis based on actual outcome.

In marketing panel, you will be able to create media plan which will do analysis based on your expectations (in terms of lead conversion, cost per site visit, cost per booking, etc.) and actual conversions.

This article will help you out:

  1. How to create a media plan and set out a budget against a source?
  2. How to edit an existing campaign?

Steps - Go to the media plan section.

  • Click on ‘Create Plan’ if you need to create a new plan. Or click on the edit button if you need to edit an existing plan. Name the media plan ('TestPlan' in the below screenshot). 
  • Turn the media plan ‘ON’.
  • Add a date range for the media plan (01 Aug - 01 Sep in the screenshot below).
  • Press ‘save’.

How to Edit an existing media plan? 

  • Click on the edit button. Click on ‘+' if you want to add a new row to the media plan. Select on a row and click '-’ if you want to delete a certain row.
  • If you want to copy/paste the media plan from an excel sheet, simply copy, click on the left most cell of the media plan, and paste.
  • Enter the media plan details.
  • Source and Subsource should be selected from the dropdown - if a certain source and Subsource is not in the overall list of source and Subsource, it’ll be marked in red.
  • Once done, click ‘save’ and then ‘close'.

Planned vs Actuals Spends

  • To see planned vs actuals in the source-wise report, click on the menu button on right and click on ‘all’ or ‘totals’ under the Media plan.
  • Actuals are the first value of the cell. Planned is the first value in the dashed rectangle. The second value in the dashed rectangle is the deviation between planned vs actuals in percentage.
  • You can click on download to download this data and then further analyze on the excel if you need.

Planned vs Actual Spends - Access from Home Page

You can access the planned vs actual spends from home section also.

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