You will get a quick snapshot of

1. Creating online & offline campaigns

2. Spends for online campaigns & auto-generated hashtag

3. Spend methods

4. Adding manual spends

5. How to check spends mismatch?


1. Creating Online & Offline Campaigns

This section will help you in creating Online and Offline Campaigns. You can create an online campaign for Google and Facebook; while, offline campaigns for any offline activities covering newspaper, radio, etc.


Steps to Create Campaigns:

I. Log in to the AD Panel & select the ‘Assignment’.

NOTE: Make sure you select the right mandate for which you are creating a campaign.


II. Click on the ‘Campaign’ under the ‘Assignment’ section at the left sidebar and then click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button to start.


III. Select Channel Type ‘Online’ or ‘Offline’ depending upon your campaign.

NOTE: Online campaign is for Google & Facebook, and the Offline campaign is for offline sources including newspapers, billboards, radio, & so on.

IV. Select Source, Sub-Source, & Project from the list.

NOTE: Selecting the project will allow you to track the spending at the project level.


V. Now, turn the spends ‘ON’ by adding all the details in the Spends section.

NOTE: Refer to Section 2 & Section 3  for understanding the Spend Method for online & offline campaigns.


VI. Press the ‘Save Changes’ button to complete the campaign creation.

2. Spends For Online Campaigns & Auto-Generated Hashtag

I. Set the start & end date for the campaign.


II. To complete the Spends for Google & Facebook,  select ‘API’ from the drop-down, turn On the integration & click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.


III. A ‘Hashtag Spends Key’ will be auto-generated (as shown in the screenshot below).


IV. Copy the ‘Hashtag Spends Key’ and add it after the name of the corresponding Facebook/Google campaign on FB Business Manager/Adwords.

3. Other Spend Methods & Definition

For any other Source and Sub-Source, the Spend method can be one of the following:

  • manual

  • cpsv

  • cpb

  • cpl

  • cpql

  • bulk


Method Type



Spends need to be added to the spends section manually in the spreadsheet.


Spends added will be distributed evenly between the given dates. 


Spends for a given day will be calculated dynamically based on the number of leads that came on that day * cpl.


Spends for a given day will be calculated dynamically based on the number of qualified leads that came on that day * cpql. 


Spends for a given day will be calculated dynamically based on the number of site visits that came on that day * cpsv.


Spends for a given day will be calculated dynamically based on the number of bookings that came on that day * cpb.


NOTE: When the campaign's date range is not specified, the system assumes the date range of the start and end date of the ongoing mandate.


4. Adding Manual Spends

  • Select the channel as per your requirement. Here in the example, we have chosen 'offline'.

  • Select ‘Source' and 'Sub Source' accordingly from the list.

  • Select ‘Project’ for tracking the Spends at the project level.

  • Select 'manual' under the Spends section, turn 'ON' the integration, and click 'Save Changes'.


Once the integration is active, you will be able to see the added manual key under your 'Spends' section to add expenses from your campaign on a daily basis similar to a spreadsheet.

5. How To Check Spends Mismatch?

Before reporting the 'Spends' mismatch to the support team, please verify the following prerequisites to confirm the issue: 

I. Mandate ‘Start Date’ & ‘End Date’ in the mandate settings should be correct.


Start Date- The selected date should always be in the past of the current date.

End Date- The selected date should always be in the future of the current date.

II. After verifying the ‘Start Date’ & ‘End Date’ on the mandate settings, please check the same in the Marketing Panel (In reporting details under the configuration tab).

III. Ensure that all the linked ad accounts are correct in the ‘Reporting Details’ under configuration in the marketing panel.

IV. In the ‘Campaign’ tab of the marketing panel, please check that the associated campaign is created with the correct ‘Source’ & the ‘Sub Source’.

V. Lastly, please check the key code (generated while creating campaigns in the marketing panel) added against the campaigns in the ad managers. 

Once all these are verified and still, a mismatch is occurring, then please reach out to our support team at

For any support on our products, please reach out to

For any feedback, please reach out to