Mapping Real-time Spends Against Individual Campaigns On Google And Facebook

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1. Updating Google Ads & Facebook account IDs

2. Examples

1. Updating Google Ads and Facebook Account IDs

To ensure that the marketing panel is able to update spends from Google and Facebook, please go to the "Reporting Details" section on the Configuration tab for a specific project. Once there, please update Google Adwords and FB Account IDs as shown in the screenshot below:

Once this is done, the system will be ready to sync and update the real-time campaign on the marketing panel. 

Note: This step will only ensure that overall spends on Google and Facebook are being mapped on a real-time basis.

To ensure that spends are being mapped correctly against individual campaigns being run on Google and Facebook (and then subsequently to pull out campaign-wise Spends, Leads, CPL, QL, CPQL, SV, CPSV, Booking, and CPB reports, for in-depth analysis), please follow or ask your Agency to follow the Campaign Naming Nomenclature.

To ensure that the system is able to map spends against individual campaigns, please ensure that all campaign names on Google Adwords and FB Admin/Business Manager are followed with instructions given on generating spends nomenclature from Marketing Panel. 

Please refer to the section "Using Auto-generated Hashtag Spends Key for Google & Facebook".

Once done, you have the spends key ready which will be mapped against a particular campaign with the given sub-source (Source will be "Google" or "Facebook" depending on what platform you are integrating). 

2. Examples

Following is the example screenshot from Google Adwords and Facebook 

Google Adwords:

Facebook Business Manager: 

Note: If campaigns are being run on old spends integration nomenclature, their spends will not integrate until new spends nomenclature is used.

For campaigns that are running in multiple projects from one single account, please ensure spends are being mapped against respective projects with proper nomenclature generated in Campaigns.

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