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1. How to access Spends section?

2. Spends against offline & online channel

3. Update spends

Marketing spend is at the core of any organization's planning and strategy. It includes declaring and classifying a budget to spend a certain amount on online or offline activities. At the same time, you would also want to have access and visibility of all spends done against every campaign and activity.

The "SPENDS" section in the marketing panel shows you all the spends against every channel, source, and sub-source. By looking at all the spends and reports, you would be able to strategize your planning accordingly.

Let's move along with this article and see what this section caters to.

1. How to access Spends section?

To access the spends section, login to the AD panel, select the assignment/project and then click on "SPENDS" from the left navigation.

There are typically 4 categories in this section:

  • date: By default, it shows all-time spends data of all campaigns.
  • channel_type: It would be either offline or online.
  • source: For which source you would like to see spend - Facebook, Google, 99acres.
  • sub source: The sub source associated with a source - google_search, facebook_leadgen_ri.

2. Spends against offline and online channels

By default, the online channel will be selected.

  • online spends - Facebook / Facebook_lead_gen
  • offline spends - Hindustan times 

Moreover, you can remove the filter using the clear option in the highlighted area.

3. Update Spends

  • Update Facebook spends: Whenever you see any sync issue or spends aren't getting captured against any Facebook source/sub source. Click on "Update Facebook spends".
  • Update AdWords spends: Whenever you see any sync issue or spends aren't getting captured against any google source/sub source. Click on "Update AdWords spends".
  • Update calculated spendsClick on "Update calculated spends" for overall calculated spends.

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