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1. Overview

2. Steps to create segments

1. Overview

A segment is created for a particular developer where leads can be sent back to Google and/or Facebook accounts integrated into the project as audiences for running re-marketing or drip marketing campaigns. All projects will have access to that segment once created.

Example: Marketing Manager wants to run a re-marketing campaign for leads who have done a site visit on a project. By creating a segment and defining it appropriately, the Marketing Manager can send these leads back to Google or Facebook with captured customer data and can successfully run a targeted campaign on this ‘audience’ giving a certain offer on booking post-site visit.

This section will help you how to create one or more Segments.

2. Steps To Create Segment

I. Select the relevant 'Assignment' & then navigate to 'Segments'.

II. Click on ‘Create Segment’ to open a pop-up for defining your segment.

NOTE: If a segment already exists, you can click on ‘Edit’ to edit it.

III. Add the name of the segment.

IV. Mark the status of the segment as ‘Active’.

V. Select the ‘Assignment Type’ from the drop-down.

Manual- It lets you add a dataset manually. The data uploaded manually will not go into the fresh leads.

All Assignments- It collects the data from all the assignments/projects from the respective developer.

Filter By Assignments- It allows you to filter the data from any assignments of the developer.

Filter By Projects- It allows you to filter the data from any projects of the developer.

VI. In buckets, 'all' is selected as a default, however, you can select particular lead status from the ‘Buckets’ section i.e. 'qualified', 'visited', 'booked' & 'failed'.


All- It will collect all the data from the selected database.

Qualified- It will filter all the qualified leads.

Visited- It will filter all the leads with site visits.

Booked- It will filter the leads with ‘Booking Done’ status.

Failed- It will filter Failed Leads.

VII. If you want to process this segment for a Google AdWords account, then choose the account from the drop-down accordingly.

VIII. If you want to process this segment for a Facebook account, then choose the account from the drop-down accordingly.

IX. Click on ‘Save’ & then click on ‘Process Segment’.

X. Click again on ‘Save’ to update & create the segment.

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