How To Map Custom Fields In Facebook Lead Form?

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Map custom questions, multiple projects/campaigns, & other details from the Facebook lead form.

Navigate to:

1. Features added to the marketing panel

2. Map custom questions & pass info directly to the Sales app

3. One campaign for multiple projects/mandates

4. Map extra details in the Facebook lead form

1. Features Added in the Marketing Panel 

1.1. Map custom questions & pass information directly to the Sales app

  • All the custom questions from Facebook lead forms are visible.
  • You can map these questions to the relevant columns supported in the Anarock DB using the drop-down.
  • Custom questions like the budget, apartment type, & others will be visible to the agent in the Sales app.

1.2. Map multiple projects/mandates in one campaign

  • If a client wants to use one campaign for multiple projects/mandates in the same vicinity, you don’t have to create multiple campaigns/lead forms for integration.
  • You can use project info in the Facebook lead form & leads will automatically be pushed to the project selected by the user in the Facebook lead form.

1.3. Map extra details in the Facebook lead form

  • If you want to pass extra details apart from source & sub source, you can create a key pair combination & pass those details along with leads.

2. Map Custom Questions & Pass Information Directly to the Sales App

We have updated the ‘Lead Gen Form’ for Facebook wherein you can map custom questions for any leads from your Facebook lead forms. Then all the information filled by the leads can be directly shared with the agent through the Sales application. These custom questions can vary from age, alternate contact number, budget, gender, annual income, occupation, apartment requirement, & so on.

Steps to map custom questions in the Facebook lead form:

I. Login to the marketing panel dashboard & choose the assignment/project from the dropdown.

II. Navigate to the ‘Leadgen’ under Integrations in the sidebar menu.

III. Click on the 'Add FB Page' button.

IV. Add the FB Page ID in the pop-up, and then click on the submit button.

V. Now tap on the 'Add FB Lead Form'.

VI. Select the Facebook page name having the lead form from the drop-down.

VII. Choose the ‘Lead Form’ accordingly from the drop-down.

VIII. Map the custom questions as required from the drop-down for each of the questions present in the Lead Form on Facebook.

Note: All the custom questions appearing on the Leadgen Form will be directly retrieved from the ‘Form’ created on the Facebook Page.

3. One Campaign for Multiple Projects/Mandates


Earlier, you could only map 1 mandate or project for each campaign. With this release, now we can map multiple projects or mandates in 1 campaign without creating multiple campaigns or lead forms. We can easily choose from multiple projects or mandates from every developer in the Facebook lead form. This will help in sending the lead to the respective mandates or projects that the customer chooses in the lead form.

Steps to map multiple projects/mandates from 1 campaign:

I. You can select the Leadgen form as shown in the 1st section. 

II. Scroll down to the ‘Project From Lead Form’ section & then click on the toggle button to map multiple projects.

Note: The 'Project Form Lead Form' toggle will not be visible if there is only 1 project in the mandate.

III. After clicking on the toggle button, select the question from the drop-down where project information is available.

IV. All the project options present in the Facebook lead form question will be shown on the left side.

V. On the right side, you can choose the projects accordingly from the drop-down that you want to map in the database or dashboard.

VI. After mapping all the fields, click the 'Add/Update' button.

VII. If everything is mapped correctly, then you will get the success notification 'Form Updated Successfully'.

VIII. You will get the error if the mapping is incorrect.


- It is mandatory to map the phone number field. 

- You cannot map multiple Facebook form fields with the same column of the CRM.

4. Map Extra Details in the Facebook Lead Form

You can also map extra details shared by customers while submitting the lead form on Facebook by using the ‘Key Value Pair’ feature. These details can be anything from the customer’s location, preferences, & so on. All the ‘Key Value Pair’ for additional information will be custom that can be passed along with the lead details to the database so that the marketing team or anyone can easily fetch the details in the future by running the query based on the ‘Key Value Pair’.

Steps to create Key Value Pair for the Facebook Lead Form:

I. Scroll down to the ‘Extra Details’ & then click on the ‘Add Key Value Pair’ button.

II. Add the ‘Key’ & the ‘Value’.

III. Update the details by clicking on the 'Add/Update' button.

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