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1. Overview

2. Mapping the parameters

2.1. Lead creation

2.2. Lead update

1. Overview

With the help of this document, you can easily integrate ANAROCK CRM with any 3rd party CRM like Zoho, Salesforce, Leadsquare, etc in just a few steps.

It will help you to develop an API to which ANAROCK CRM can POST leads and update on leads in real-time basis to 3rd party CRM.

This document will also help you to understand the integration steps on how to create an API URL with mapping of 3rd party parameters with Anarock CRM parameters to receive all the lead details correctly.

All technical documentation and its details for mapping parameters, coding language, and steps to follow for lead creation and updation need to be referred from our callback_url on the GitHub repository.

NOTE: This document is only for the tech team of the 3rd party.

2. Mapping the Parameters

Mapping the parameters becomes important for: 

-> Lead creation

-> Lead update

The parameter details can be accessed from our callback_url on the GitHub repository.

SS 1: Find Callback URL Parameters Details on our GitHub repository.

2.1 Lead Creation

To fetch basic lead creation details from ANAROCK CRM, you have to map the following parameters:

"name": "History "
"email": null
"country_code": "+91"
"phone": "9999999988"
"channel_name": "agent_app"
"source": "facebook"
"sub_source": "leadgen"
"project_name": "santacruz"

2.2. Lead Update

To fetch the lead update details from ANAROCK CRM, you have to map the below-mentioned key values with the respective parameters.

SS: Check lead update parameter details on our GitHub repository.

i. Lead rating: Hot, warm, & cold.

ii. In the event details section: sv stands for site visits & f2f stands for face-to-face.

iii. The details for the key values associated with the ‘action’ section are as follows:

all_logged: when a new call is done on a particular lead

lead_updated: when a property on lead is updated

status_update: when the status of the lead is updated

agent_update: when the current agent on the lead is updated

status_and_agent_update: when agent and status both are updated

disposition_created: when the call center has done an activity on a lead

event_update: when an event is updated on a lead

inquiry_created: new inquiry created on a lead

note_creation: a new note is added on a lead

iv. The details for the key values associated with the ‘lead_status’ sections are as follows:

New: Any lead that is just created or cannot be resolved because it's duplicate. This is the first status for a lead in the system.

Fresh: Any lead that is available in the pool for all the agents to Claim.

Claimed: When a particular lead is claimed by an agent.

Interested: When marked as interested by an agent.

Meeting done: When a F2F event has been completed or the agent moved the lead to the meeting done.

Visit done: When a Site Visit event has been completed or the agent moves the lead to the meeting done or the lead is captured via Site Digitalization (to get this implemented, contact Anarock PoC).

Final negotiation: When a visit is marked as Final Negotiation by Agent.

Booking done: When moved into Booking Done.

Failed: When marked as Failed.

Junk: When marked as Junk.

In Call Center: When lead is sent to call center.

disposition_type: can have the following values "failed", "follow_up", "fresh", "junk", "patch_out", "not_contacted", "call_back".

Note: All object arrays in the payload are sorted with the latest first, eg. calls, events, and notes dispositions are sorted as the latest first.

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