All Types of Landing Page Form Integration Kit

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1. Landing Page Form Integration

2. Different Ways For Landing Page- Form Integration

    - Client-Side With JS Form SDK/Submit SDK

    - Web-Side With JS SDK

    - Server-Side With Lead API

    - WordPress

3. Prerequisites for Integration

1. Landing Page Form Integration

Integrate the landing page form to get the lead details from your website. This guide helps you to integrate the form on your landing page in 4 different ways including client-side, web-side, server-side, & WordPress.

Eg 1: Floating lead form with basic details

Eg 2: Simple lead form for capturing basic details with user consent

Eg 3: Popup lead form with OTP verification & user consent

2. Ways To Integrate Landing Page Form

You can integrate forms through 

  • Client-side 
  • Web-side
  • Server-side
  • WordPress 

2.1. Client-Side With JS Form SDK/Submit SDK (Recommended method)

  • It requires no coding

  • You will get a ready-to-use form interface that you can integrate directly into your website/landing page

  • No customizations can be done

Note: It is the easiest way to integrate the form but it comes with a basic interface that cannot be customized as per the brand guidelines.

Click here -> Steps for Client-Side Integration

2.2. Web-Side With JS SDK (DIY method)

  • Your user interface, our code- A perfect pair

  • Requires coding for customization

  • You can integrate custom UI with your branding in the HTML component

  • Suitable option for CSS styling

  • Doesn’t require any hash generation or timestamp

Click here -> Steps for Web-Side Integration

2.3. Server-Side With Lead API (Advanced method, not recommended for basic use cases)

  • Your user interface, your code, & our lead management tech- A complete solution

  • Requires you to push the lead from the server instead of the browser

  • The developer needs to provide an API key in the hash by encrypting it

  • Offers complete customization

  • Language supported: PHP, NodeJS, Ruby

  • Authentication, Synchronisation, Phone number validation, and Testing

Click here -> Steps for Server-Side Integration

2.4. WordPress 

  • No coding
  • Quick integration steps
  • Requires WordPress-powered landing page
  • Works with Contact Form 7 or the Forminator plugin

Click here -> Steps for WordPress-powered Landing Page- Form Integration

3. Prerequisites For Integrating Landing PageForms

1.  The following static keys and values will be given by ANAROCK team member you are in contact with:

- "channel_name"

- "auth_key"

- "env"

- "host"

- "campaign_id"

For any support on our products, please reach out to

For any feedback, please reach out to

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